Little do we realize that hair is our crowning glory, but we go through a lot of unnecessary procedures to look beautiful. Healthy hair can tell a lot about you, as it symbolizes femininity, confidence, and personality. So you’d better make sure that it is groomed, lustrous, and gorgeous all the time.

With regard to hairstyling, protective styles are practiced to decrease tangling, shedding, and breakage. But along with the styling, the use of regimen care, hair serums, creams, and conditioners are of utmost importance.

Five Myths About Protective Styles

It is time to bust the myths about protective styles:

Protective Hairstyle Does Not Effectively Promote Hair Growth

This myth is deeply entrenched in the minds of most of the women who wish to achieve the goal of having long and healthy hair. A protective hairstyle does promote hair growth. But, most of the women experience tangling, dryness, and breakage due to lack of proper care.

There are several nourishing products available in the market, like growth oil, leave-in conditioners, restoring serums, curl-activator, and defining cream. If you fail to make use of these enhancing and supporting products, it might result in hair loss and damage.

Protective Styles Are Tough to Install and Maintain Your Hair

Installing mini twists and extension braids is indeed taxing, but you can enjoy the style once it is in place. The reduced manipulation of hair can help in retaining the texture and lessening the damage of hair strands to a large extent. And once the protective style is on, you should not forget to maintain your hair on a regular basis.

It is crucial to make use of serums and conditioners to keep hair nourished and protect it from any damage. Hence, low manipulation styles are the key to healthy and strong hair.

Protective Hairstyle is Enough For Healthy Hair

Hair follicles and roots need nourishment. Lack of nutrients and ineffective care can damage hair elasticity and texture. Protective style can help in achieving the goal of the desired hair pattern, but that alone cannot keep your hair healthy and strong.

You must maintain an efficient haircare routine to minimize hair damage and embellish the appearance of your hair. Hence, along with protective styles, the use of nourishing products and oils can restore the hair damage caused by excessive styling.

You Should Not Wash Your Hair Regularly if it is in Protective Style

Anything that is installed or applied to your hair needs to be taken care of. Shampoos, having a mixture of avocado and mint, bamboo, and biotin vitamins, coconut milk, and mint agents keep the hair grease-free and oil-free. Hence, washing hair regularly should be put into practice.

Otherwise, it will not only lead to a stinky scalp but will also create scope for bacterial infestation. It is of prime importance to maintain a protective hairstyle with nourishing products.

Protective Hairstyles Can be Left in For a Longer Time

Flexibility is hampered to a certain extent in protective styling. But, if there is low manipulation in styling, it won’t bother the hair growth and its health. Hence, locking in the style for a shorter duration will help promote hair growth and enhance healthy hair.

It is best advisable to change the styling once every two weeks or a maximum of a month. In the meantime, washing hair regularly and nourishing hair with serum and cream will keep hair healthy and lustrous.

Any hairstyle itself will not guarantee your hair’s health. It must also be in conjunction with proper hair care practices, deep conditioning, moisturizing, and hairstyling.

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