What is Salacia Reticulata? What are the benefits of Salacia Oblonga? Well, it is a climbing bush with blackish branches. It has Salanisol as a dynamic guideline for diabetic treatment. However, another Ayurvedic herb holds an incredible guarantee for the administration of weight and glucose issues.

Salacia Reticulata is a huge, woody climber found in the rain woodlands of Sri Lanka and parts of western India. The roots are harsh, unpleasant, Thermogenic, urinary astringent, anodyne, calming, depurative, vulnerary, liver tonic and stomachic.

Its primary use in conventional, Ayurvedic medication for the treatment of diabetes is close unbelievable. It was accepted to be potent to the point that patients were advised to just drink water left to sit overnight in a glass produced using the wood of the plant.

The hard foundation of this plant is ordinarily utilized as a part of the extraction part. It is particular by a yellow external layer that might be confused for stem/bark. In spite of the fact that the plant has quality actives in its stem, the finest wellspring of saponins is from its underlying foundations.

The root must be put through fine processing to guarantee legitimate extraction and the roots are removed in the coveted medium of extraction and discovers application in vitiated states of Vatha, diabetes, hemorrhoids, irritations, leucorrhoea, sickness, skin infections, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, wounds, ulcers, hyperhidrosis, hepatopathy, dyspepsia, fart, colic, and spermatorrhoea.

Salacia Reticulata contains Salaretin and mangiferin which diminishes the sugar level and shields the body from any auxiliary symptom of Diabetes. However, until just as of late the anti-diabetic impact of Salacia remained a puzzle.

Salacia Reticulata has been accounted for to have strong against diabetic action in creature models. What’s more, different systems, for example, expanded insulin affectability, aldose reductase hindrance and so on., are likewise shown by parts of Salacia Reticulata. The plant is additionally answered to have hostile to stoutness, hypolipidemic, hepatoprotective and against oxidant properties.

Advantages and benefits of Salacia Oblonga /Saptarangi

benefits of Salacia oblonga
  • Health benefits of Salacia oblonga is useful in diabetes and corpulence as well as has some different advantages like its helpfulness in diminishing the aggravation of heaps by nearby utilization of root glue.
  • Saptarangi is utilized as a part of liver expansion, jaundice, and blockage.
  • Saptarangi is additionally great in curing the blood issue.
  • The health benefits of Saptarangi helps in decreasing extreme sweating by emulsifying greasy tissue.
  • Saptarangi is uniquely helpful to ladies by reducing a wide range of menses inconveniences extraordinarily in over the top draining and remembers agony and distress amid menses time (premenstrual indications)
  • Late investigations have demonstrated that root extricate powder with oil or decoction is likewise utilized as a part of the treatment of joint inflammation, kidney and liver issues, gonorrhea and aggravation of joints.


Saptarangi root concentrate might be utilized as a powder or taken as decoction Root powder – 1 – 2 gms can be taken to bring down glucose.

Note: It is fitting for pregnant nursing ladies and diabetic patients to take restorative guidance for dose and term of the medication. So counsel some experts first before taking.

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