ALMOND referred to as Badam in Hindi may be a species of the tree native to the center East and South Asia. There are essentially 2 varities of almonds known: Sweet and Bitter. Amygdalus communis amara are slightly broader and shorter than Prunus dulcis and contains regarding five hundredth of the fatty oil that is quite Prunus dulcis. Almonds are eaten raw, toasted, blanced, crushed, in several recipes. It’s nutritionally dense food.

Almond benefits embody made supply of vitamin B, riboflavin, miacin, Vitamin E, essential minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphoric, zinc. Almonds also are made in dietry fibers, monosaturated fats, polysaturated fats (helps in lower LDL cholesterol). Almonds nutrition and almonds organic process worth (usda)

Almond uses, almond benefits of skin, hair and health (badam)

almond benefits

Lowers Cholesterol

Almonds are a good resource of monounsaturated fats (1) and polyunsaturated fats (2), which facilitate in lowering the LDL (bad) cholesterol. Eating almond benefits to raise HDL cholesterol, or “good” cholesterol, level.

Protects Against Diabetes

Almonds have a stumpy glycemic index (GI). Almonds have the ability to decrease the after-meal escalation in blood sugar. Therefore, they assist in stabilizing blood sugar levels and offer protection from diabetes.

Prevents Cancer

The fiber present in almonds benefits in detoxifying the body. It enables food to move through the digestive system more efficiently. This process cleanses the digestive system. Benefits of almonds are also an excellent reserve of vitamin E, Phytochemicals, and flavonoids, which controls the progression of breast cancer cells.

Boosts Energy

Almonds are rich in manganese, riboflavin and copper, which helps boost energy.

Prevents Birth Defects

Almonds contain folic acid, a confirmed defense against birth defects. Folic acid (3) plays a big function in healthy cell growth and tissue configuration, and therefore is very important for the healthy growth of the fetus. Women who intake folic acid – by eating almond benefits during their pregnancies are likely to give birth to babies without NTDs (Neural tube defects).

Improves Brainpower

Almonds contain riboflavin (4) and L-carnitine (5), nutrients that help in the growth of the brain cells. Almonds also contain phenylalanine, a brain-boosting chemical that aids our cognitive functions.

Strengthens Bones And Teeth

Almonds are a decent supply of micronutrients like Calcium and phosphorus, almond benefits to strengthen our bones and teeth. Benefits of almonds additionally give alternative nutrients that improve bone mineral density and strengthen the system.

Remedy for Anemia

Anemia is caused when red blood cells carry less quantities of oxygen. Almonds contain copper, iron and vitamins, which work as a catalyst in the synthesizing of hemoglobin. Therefore, almond benefits can be used as a preventive measure for anemia.

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Almond benefits for skin

Aromatherapy Massage Oil

The oil extracted from almonds (6) is also used as an aromatherapy oil for massaging the body. Almond oil is suitable for all skin types as it get easily absorbed into the skin and gives off a wonderful and calming aroma. Skin benefits of almond makes it healthy from within.

Almond Protects Skin From Sun Exposure

Almonds contain good amount of vitamin E, which is a skin-friendly nutrient. Foods rich in vitamin E act as a shield against sun exposure and minimize skin damage. Almond benefits to treat sun burns and other skin problem.

Almond for Acne, Blackheads & Whiteheads

Skin issues like skin condition, blemish and whiteheads are typically caused by dirt and oil cornered within the pores of the skin. The essential fatty acids found in almonds management the number of oil secreted by the oily glands and stop breakouts. Once applied frequently, you may positively notice a change in your skin condition. Expressed almond oil applied on skin soothes inflammation and reduces rashes.

Natural Moisturizer

Almond is taken into account as a natural moisturizer. Cleanse your face totally and apply many drops of oil to your face. Massage your skin in upward as well as the attention space. Applying it daily can end in electric sander and softer skin. Expressed almond oil doesn’t have a greasy result and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It additionally doesn’t clog the pores.

Rich in Antioxidants

Almonds are rich in antioxidants and protecting plant chemicals that are unnaturally further to many hand creams. Apply almond paste or expressed almond oil to moisten hands, nails and cuticles. Therefore, each almond paste and expressed almond oil are wonderful natural skin and hair care product. Begin applying on your face and hair to note the distinction.

Treats Stretch Marks

Almond oil is very effective for treating stretch marks. It strengthens and nourishes the skin by creating a natural resistance to tearing. Heat the oil slightly and apply it on the stretch marks. Massage the area using your hands in a circular motion for a few minutes. Apply it twice a day to observe optimum benefits.

Clears Skin from Impurities

Exfoliation is very essential to maintain a proper skin care regime. You can use almonds to make an amazing exfoliating scrub. Grind soaked almond and add 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of yogurt to it. Use this as an exfoliator to massage your skin.

Removes Makeup & Reduces Eye Wrinkles

Almond oil works as a natural makeup remover. Pour a few drops of almond oil on a cotton pad and swipe it gently across the face and eyes to remove your makeup. Almond benefits as an excellent eye wrinkle serum.

Age Defying Nature

Almond benefits is believed to have age defying properties (7). Massaging face with almond oil benefits the signs of aging to keep the skin supple and youthful. Make a face mask by combining honey, almond oil and lemon juice in equal quantities. Use this simple face mask twice a week to reduce wrinkles and revitalize your skin.

Reduces Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Almond oil and paste is very effective for treating under eye dark circles. Soak almonds in water and grind it to make a smooth paste. Apply it around the eyes and leave it overnight. Almond’s moisturizing properties will soften the pesky line and reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.

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Almond benefits for hair

For Soft & Silky Hair

To get silky soft hair, mix henna powder with water, an egg and 2 tbsp of sweet almond oil and leave it overnight. Apply it on the hair and leave it on for 4 hours. Wash it off and dry your hair. This will make your hair soft and silky.

Treats Scalp Inflammation

Regular exposure to dust, heat, pollution and application of hair styling products like hair gel and styling tools damages our hair. Almond benefits when its oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and softens scalp tissue to treat scalp inflammation (8).

Reduces hairfall

Massage your scalp with almond oil mixed with rosemary and lavender essential oils to reduce hair fall. Apply a few drops of oil on the roots of the hair and massage your scalp in circular motions. Leave it on for 2 hours and then shampoo as usual.

For Thick & Long Hair

Combine 3 tbsp of almond oil with 2 tbsp of castor oil and 1 hibiscus flower (9). Heat it for a while and leave it aside to let it cool. Massage your scalp with it for 10 minutes. Wrap your head with a towel and allow it to sit for an hour. Then wash it off with shampoo, and condition your hair. Apply this every week to get thick and long hair

Controls Frizzy Hair

Take a few drops of almond oil and apply it lightly over the hair. Vitamin E in almond oil conditions the hair follicles and smoothes uncontrollable frizz without making the hair greasy.

Promotes Hair Growth

Almonds contain high amount of magnesium, which is an essential mineral for having healthy strands. Deficiency in magnesium is often linked to hair loss; therefore, consuming magnesium through almonds not only helps to maintain proper functioning of the body but also enables hair growth.

Treats Dandruff

For dandruff mix almond oil and neem oil in equal quantities and massage it onto your scalp. Leave it overnight and then wash it off the next morning to get rid of dandruff. Almond oil nourishes and moisturizes the scalp to remove flakiness, while neem oil’s antibacterial properties treat dandruff and inflammation.

Strengthens & Nourishes the Hair

Almonds contain hair-friendly nutrients like polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids (10) as well as vitamin A, D, B1, B2 and B6. Almond benefits as these nutrients penetrate into the hair strands and make the hair healthy and beautiful. The combination of fatty acids and fats in almond softens, strengthens and nourishes the hair.

Side effects of almonds

Allergic reaction

This is a rare side effect, but some people have shown allergic reactions to almonds. Some symptoms are rashes, difficulty in breathing etc.

Increases Toxic Level in The Body

This is one of the major side effects of eating too many almonds. Bitter almonds are known to contain hydrocyanic acid, which leads to symptoms, such as slowing of the nervous system, breathing problem that can also be fatal.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Consuming a lot of almonds can lead to constipation and bloating since they are high on fiber. If your body is not used to processing large amount of fiber, it can lead to stomach upset. Since the nuts are difficult to digest, it leads to excess stress on the tummy. If you have a weak digestive system and are prone to digestive disorders, you should control your almond intake. One way to handle this is by drinking lots of water. But also keep in mind that drinking too much water leads to sodium imbalance in the body.


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