The name ‘Shankhapushpi’ has been given on account of its blossoms shape and size, which are in the state of conch or shanka. Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) is broadly known among the average citizens and therapeutic clique as a result of its viability for the mind and benefits of Shankhpushpi, that is the reason, it is normally known as a cerebrum tonic.

Since the benefits of Shankhpushpi demonstrate helpful effects for the mind ; the herb has earned great notoriety in India and abroad among the pharmaceuticals organizations. There are three primary natural cerebrum tonics e.g., Brahmi, Vacha, and Shankhapushpi. Acharya Charaka said that Shankhapushpi is the best among the three and is viewed as preeminent among the four medhya rasayanas as there are amazing benefits of shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis).

Diverse names of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis)

Organic name: Convolvulus pluricaulis

English: Shankhpushpi

Hindi: Shankhavali, Shankhahuli

Sanskrit: Medhya, Mangalya Kusuma, Visnukranta, Kseerpushipi

Punjabi: Porpang, Dodak.

Restorative and medicinal benefits of Shankhpushpi

To the extent restorative parts of Shankhapushpi are concerned, just the white bloom is utilized. Restoratively, it is utilized as medhya (mind tonic), purgative, nervine tonic, rejuvenator, wellbeing advancing and composition advancing. It additionally goes about as a sedative, hemostatic, trancelike, hostile to epileptic, and against insane.’

From the ayurvedic perspective, it is slick in nature. It is cool and intense in taste. Metabolic movement is sweet and particular activity is judgment advancing.

It is utilized as a part of the plan of numerous unani pharmaceuticals. In unani drug, it is a ‘balya rasayana’, nervine tonic and mind tonic. In the customary arrangement of pharmaceutical, it is prescribed to use as a fine powder or as a concentrate of the herb.

Top 10 advantages and benefits of Shankhpushpi

Convolvulus pluricaulis, benefits of shankhpushpi

According to the conventional arrangement of medication, the therapeutic herb is considered as a promoter of life expectancy, quality, and insightfulness. It is useful for some maladies and disarranges, for example, a sleeping disorder, delirium, Insanity, hypertension.


It regards advance memory. Technique: Take Shankhapushpi remove (2 to 4 teaspoon) and milk (1 glass). Blend it and take and frequently both early in the day and night. It is useful for memory and loss of memory. It is likewise advantageous for restlessness, Intestinal worms, hypertension.

2Hysteria, Delirium, and epilepsy

The therapeutic herb is useful for delirium and epilepsy. Technique: Take the ponder Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis) (1teaspoon), Dudiavacha (Acorus Calamus) (1 teaspoon), Meetha Kuth (Saussurea Lappa) (1/4 teaspoon) and Honey (1 teaspoon). Presently, make a fine powder of these. Before taking the definition, one can blend with nectar and lick it, two times each day, trailed by one glass of drain. It is gainful in the event of restlessness, madness, epilepsy, craziness, and loss of memory.


The utilization of Shankhapushpi is great if there should be an occurrence of restlessness. Strategy: Shankhapushpi (40-80 gm), drain (1glass) and Jeera (little sum), gives great outcomes.


The herb is helpful in treating hypertension. Strategy: Take the powder of the herb (2-4 gm) thrice daily. Shankhapushpi sharbat can be taken as a solitary herb or adjuvant to other present-day drugs.

5Head pain

If you are experiencing incessant migraine, strain, dissatisfaction, and so forth., it is recommended to take Sharbat of Shankhapushpi twice every day for a good outcome.

6Burning sensation in the body

Shankhapushpi can be dried at home in a shady place and powder it and a teaspoonful of this powder can be taken day by day. The powder can be doused overnight and the water-stressed and drinks toward the beginning of the day. It is too taken as a cooling Sharbat in summer.

7Heart issues

The herb and its definitions with therapeutic ayurvedic plants regard treat heart issues. Strategy: Prepare the blend of Shankhapushpi (c. Pluricaulis) ( 2 teaspoon), Arjun bark (Terminalia Arjuna)(2 teaspoon), Amla Churan (Phyllanthus Emblica): 2 teaspoon, Punarnava Churan (Boerhavia diffusa) : 2 teaspoon, Puskarmool Churan (Inula Racemosa): 10 gm./2 teaspoon Mix and crush together to make a fine powder. Take two teaspoons twice per day.

8Life span

It is experimentally demonstrated that the utilization of the herb alongside ghee is useful for the life span of life and to reinforce the sensory system.


A “clinical investigation on the part of medhya rasayana and panchakarma treatment in uneasiness states”, investigated that medhya rasayana herbs like Shankhapushpi and Brahmi and so forth alongside Jatamansi quath is prescribed to the patients of nervousness states.


The therapeutic plant is additionally helpful in fighting stress.

Uses of Shankhpushpi

  • It is utilized for nervine tonic and mind tonic and brain tonic.
  • Shankhpushpi is utilized as a Rasayana for restoring rejuvenation.
  • It is utilized as a part of an instance of epilepsy.
  • It is useful in controlling vomiting.
  • People experiencing diabetes should take it.
  • Alzheimer’s infection and dementia should utilize it consistently.
  • It is helpful in a sleeping disorder and advances great rest.
  • It is useful for inclining, maintenance of memory and furthermore acts as a state of mind stabilizer.
  • It might be utilized as a part of joint inflammation and rheumatic torment.
  • It might likewise be utilized as a part of an instance of gloom.

Shankhpushpi side effects

  • It shouldn’t be utilized amid pregnancy.
  • One shouldn’t take it amid low circulatory strain as it further may diminish the BP of the body.

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