Sleep is a natural process that we go through each night. However, humans are not the same. Some of us are good sleepers who can sleep whenever and wherever they like. Others are bad sleepers who have difficulty falling asleep and when asleep do not have sound restoring sleep. There are certain lifestyle and dietary habits and behaviors that promote better sleep. These can have positive effect on the quantity and quality of sleep.better sleep

There are some misconceptions about sleep that have to be clarified. Normal humans require on average from 4-9 hours of sleep every 24 hours to feel fresh the next day. However, the amount of time needed for sleep is extremely variable from person to person. Many people believe that they need 8 hours of better sleep and that the more sleep they can get, the healthier they will be. If you sleep 5 hours only at night and feel fresh the next day, you do not have sleep problem. Others are prone to attribute all their personal failings to their lack of better sleep. That causes excessive focus on sleep and prevents its occurrence. It is important to sort out the daytime problems that might reasonably be attributed to poor sleep and the ones that need to be treated independently, such as poor daytime coping style, lack of interpersonal skills, stress, burnout, and so on.

Amazing Good tips for Better Sleep

Exercise Regularly

Spending excess energy will increase the body’s demands for rest. If you regularly exercise in the morning or afternoon, your body will be ready for and need a restful better sleep at night.

Eat Wisely

Eating large meals late at night is unwise, but there are some sleep-inducing foods that can be helpful if you’re staring at the ceiling every night. Foods high in magnesium and other important nutrients can cause the release of neurotransmitters that send you right into slumber. Try adding cottage cheese, fruit, yogurt, milk, or crackers to your late-night menu.

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Avoid Late Night Screen Time

In today’s tech-heavy world, it seems impossible to tear ourselves away from our gadgets and gizmos even long enough to grab some shut-eye. However, playing on a smartphone or tablet, working on the computer, or watching television late at night gets our brain stimulated and active, making it harder for us to go to better sleep. Also, our mind is occupied by thoughts of work, social media platform updates, and the plot of our favorite television drama, all of which keep our mind from shutting down for sleep.

Meditation and Visualization

Meditation helps soothe the mind and clear out distracting thoughts, while visualization can be a powerful tool in bed when your mind is going a million miles an hour. Visualize peaceful, restful better sleep, and it will soon come to you.

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When it’s time to sleep, make sure the room is dark

The darker it is, the better you’ll sleep. Use heavy curtains or shades to block light from windows, or try a sleep mask to cover your eyes. Also consider covering up or moving any electronic that emit light.

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Cut down on caffeine

Caffeine can cause sleep problems up to ten to twelve hours after drinking it. Consider eliminating caffeine after lunch for better sleep or cutting back your overall intake.

Stay away from big meal at night

Try to make dinner time earlier in the evening, and avoid heavy, rich foods within two hours of bed for better sleep. Fatty foods take a lot of work for your stomach to digest and may keep you up.

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Make sure your bed is comfortable

If you often wake up with a sore back or an aching neck, you may need to invest in a new mattress or a try a different pillow for better sleep.

Postpone worrying and brainstorming

If you wake during the night feeling anxious about something, make a brief note of it on paper and postpone worrying about it until the next day when you are fresh and it will be easier to resolve. Similarly, if a brainstorm or great idea is keeping you awake, make a note of it on paper and fall back to sleep knowing you’ll be much more productive and creative after a good night’s better sleep.



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