Anahatasana or the heart melting pose is relieving to the heart. In Sanskrit, Anahata implies the heart and Asana implies a stance. It is otherwise called the half-dog pose and opens up the shoulders. It fortifies the heart focus or the Anahata chakra.

How to do Anahatasana (Heart Melting Pose)


Begin with the bowing position or Vajrasana, sitting with hands on the thighs.

1. Breathe out and twist forward touching the head to ground. Slide the hands on the floor before you. Move the hands over the head with the palms confronting downwards and touching the floor. The whole lower arm can be in contact with the floor for help.

2. Raise the hips, while somewhat angling the back in reverse. Endeavor to keep the thighs at 90 degrees to the lower leg however much as could be expected. This will make a decent curve of spine.

3. Give the forhead a chance to touch the ground.

4. The upper chest can lay on the floor if conceivable however it is not basic. Try not to strain. Stay in your usual range of familiarity while performing asanas.

5. Inhale regularly and gradually in this last position. Stay in this position for whatever length of time that you are agreeable.

6. To discharge the position, slide the hands back and go to the child posture or Balasana by bringing down the hips. You can stay in Balasana, which is a decent resting posture for couple of minutes. Return to the stooping position and take few moderate full breaths.

Benefits of Anahatasana (Heart Melting Pose)

Anahatasana extend the chest and give an alleviating impact on the Anahata chakra is related with sentiments and feelings. It can discharge some our blocked feelings and we can feel free of the weights of the heart.

  • It discharges the strains and makes a feeling of prosperity in the psyche.
  • It opens up the chest and is useful for respiratory capacity.
  • It can make the spine adaptable and enhances act.
  • Upper back and the lower back gets a delicate extend.
  • This pose additionally opens up the shoulders.

Contraindications of extended puppy pose

  • Those agony from any neck, shoulder or knee damage ought not do Anahatasana.
  • The individuals who had any of late surgery of the back, thighs or knees ought to evade this asana.
  • On the off chance that you have serious knee torment, don’t do this pose.

Practice this posture ideally on a void stomach however much as could reasonably be expected. Keep away from it after substantial supper.

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