Ashtanga Namaskara or the Eight-Limbed pose is a piece of the Sun Salutation arrangement of asanas. It shows up as the sixth pose in the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara. In this represent, the body touches the ground in eight areas – the two feet (toes), the two knees, the two palms, the chest and the head. In Sanskrit, “ashta” implies eight and “anga” implies part. This posture is likewise utilized by enthusiasts for paying regard to divinities in Indian sanctuaries.

How to do Ashtanga Namaskara (The Eight-Limbed Salutation)

Ashtanga Namaskara

1. Lower the body so the body is parallel to the ground.

2. Give the accompanying parts a chance to touch the floor – The two feet, the two knees, the two palms, the chest and the jaw.

3. The hip and guts is somewhat raised up.

4. While playing out this represent the breath is held outside and the breathing is ceased for few moments.

5. At the point when done as a major aspect of the Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation works out) a mantra can be droned while playing out this asana. Eight-limbed salutation is done as the sixth posture. The mantra to be droned is – “Om Pushne Namaha”. It implies greetings to the person who gives quality.

Benefits of Ashtanga Namaskara (The Eight-Limbed Salutation)

  • It fortifies the muscles of the hands and legs.
  • It fortifies the chest.

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