Pueraria tuberosa or Vidarikanda (in Sanskrit ) has a place with the group of Fabaceae. It is an enduring woody climber and has gigantic tuberous roots. A completely developed plant measures 5-6 meters in stature. This plant bears white blooms with pink shade. It is essentially found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. It is famously known as Indian Kudzu. Pueraria tuberosa in hindi as Sural, Bilaikand, Bharda, Tirra, Bankumra.

In ayurveda arrangement of drug, its underlying foundations are utilized for therapeutic purposes. The roots contain Steroids, Sugars, Amino acids and Sterols. Analysts have assessed the antimicrobial properties of this plant.

As indicated by writings of ayurveda Vidarikanda is overwhelming to process and builds dampness level of tissues and stickiness of emissions. It is sweet to taste and this taste stays in all phases of processing. It has colossal cooling properties. Because of these properties it eases pitta and vata.

Restorative properties of pueraria tuberosa

pueraria tuberosa

1. This tuber diminishes dryness of body and facilitates defecation. It is extremely valuable in calming stoppage.

2. It reinforces the body and lifts its resistance. This ponder herb goes about as Rasayana and backs off maturing process.

3. Vidarikand revives male regenerative framework and builds quality and amount of semen. This builds sperm tally and sperm motility.

4. This ayurvedic herb diminishes vata and standardizes kapha. Because of these properties shukra dhatu increments. Shukra dhatu increments hard erections, moxie and sexual vitality.

5. Vidaarikand goes about as a Spanish fly and is known as vrishya. This is utilized in vajikarana arrangements.

6. It goes about as a galactogogue and is extremely valuable for nursing moms.

7. Due to its diuretic properties, it is utilized as a fixing in ayurvedic diuretic arrangements.

8. Consumption of this herb restores skin and builds decency and shine. It is broadly utilized in illnesses of skin which cause staining.

9. This herb revives entire body and builds muscle mass.

Vidarikanda as clarified in writings of ayurveda

The ayurveda content Bhava prakaasha, clarifies the restorative properties of vidaarikanda or Pueraria tuberosa as takes after:

Vidaari madhuraa snigdha brimhani sthanya shukradaa |

Sheetaa swaryaa mootralaa cha jeevani bala varnadaa ||

Guruhu pittaasrapavanadaahaan hanthi rasaayanam |

Vidari is sweet to taste , has cooling properties, overwhelming to process and contains dampness and stickiness.

Brimhani: It helps in weight pick up in people who have shed pounds because of ailments or malnourishment.

Sthanya: This herb is exceptionally useful in expanding lactation in nursing moms.

Shukrada: Owing to its, sweet, cool and sticky properties, this herb expands quality and amount of semen. This expands sperm tally and sperm motility.

Swarya: Singers and educators who mishandle their vocal harmonies are profited by this herb. It reestablishes the voice.

Mootrala: It goes about as a diuretic, thus utilized in ayurvedic diuretic arrangements

Jeevani: It revives the entire body and builds imperativeness and vitality.

Balavardhana: Vidaari builds quality of body

Varnya: It revives skin and expands reasonableness and gleam. As it expands dampness levels of skin it helps in dry skin condition.

Rasaayana: It sustains entire body and increments rasadhatu. At the point when rasadhatu is supported the progressive dhatus likewise get fed.

Pavana hanthi: Viadaarikanda standardizes vata and diminishes vitiated vata.

Vrishya: As it lessens vata, sustains rasa dhatu and increments shukra, It goes about as a decent sexual enhancer. Inferable from these properties it helps in erectile brokenness, low moxie and untimely discharge. Subsequently this herb is utilized in vajikarana preparations.

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