Every now and again we run over numerous individuals who experience the ill effects of heftiness and they battle hard to get in shape. However, there is an area of individuals who put an extraordinary push to put on weight or increment their body weight. There are different Ayurveda weight gain therapy. Underweight people are at an expanded danger of therapeutic issues.

Thin ladies are more inclined to unsuccessful labors and bosom tumor. Under weight men are at an expanded danger of fruitlessness issues, for example, low sperm check, lessened semen volume and so forth. Aside from these asthma, rehashed lung diseases, male pattern baldness, dry skin, wrinkles, osteoporosis, joint inflammation, debilitated invulnerable frameworks and so on can influence people who are underweight. A decent eating regimen design with all around adjusted supplements and a little change in way of life help to put on sound body weight .

Ayurveda weight gain therapy – Brimhana treatment

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Ayurveda acharyas suggest an uncommon treatment, called “Brimhana treatment” to expand body weight normally, support invulnerability of body and revive body tissues. This treatment causes the person to put on sound body weight and upgraded invulnerability.

As per ayurveda a man who has low muscle to fat ratio or less medha dhatu encounters the accompanying issues

1. His body resistance diminishes. He is vulnerable to diseases.

2. He encounters erectile brokenness.

3. The quality and amount of semen decreases.

4. His moxie diminishes

5. He feels hard to breath.

6. He experiences heaps, pleeha vriddhi (extension of spleen) and grahani roga (IBS)

Who are qualified for Ayurveda weight gain therapy or treatment?

Writings of ayurveda prescribe “brimhana treatment” or regular Healthy weight pick up treatment for people who have shed pounds because of following reasons.

  • Incessant ailments
  • General utilization of medications
  • Dependent on liquor utilization
  • Proceeded with masturbation and sexual exercises
  • Melancholy and lamenting
  • Expanded physical exercises like strolling, conveying substantial burdens and so forth
  • Expanded vata
  • Lactating moms
  • Kids who are underweight
  • Matured people

Ayurveda Tips to Increase body weight and its advantages

Steps associated with ayurveda weight gain treatment or brimhana treatment: ( Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Weight Gain)

  • Ayurveda doctors instruct utilization with respect to herbs and different fixings which have earth (prithvi) and water components in bigger extents.
  • Vata causes anorexia or weight reduction in body. Thus these fixings and strategies must lighten vata and adjust every one of the three doshas.
  • Rubbing entire body with vata adjusting home grown oil (ksheerabala oil) is prescribed for the individuals who will put on solid weight.
  • Utilization of ayurvedic home grown arrangements called Brimhana Rasayanas help to increment sound body weight.
  • Incorporation of ghee, drain, meat and other supplement sustenances in count calories builds body weight. These sustenances must increment kapha and lessen vata.
  • Diminishing anxiety, resting easily for extend periods of time and evening snoozes are exceptionally basic to expand weight.
  • Confinement of strenuous physical exercises likewise adds to weight pick up.

On the off chance that you are endeavoring to put on weight, keep general meetings with your specialist to ensure you are remaining in a sound range.

Advantages of Ayurveda Brimhana Therapy or solid weight pick up treatment:

The individual who experiences Ayurveda weight gain therapy appreciates the accompanying advantages

  • The body weight increments. Body looks solid and all around shaped.
  • Body resistance gets a lift. Helplessness to sicknesses decreases.
  • Skin increases solid and youthful look. Dryness of skin and wrinkles vanish. Gloss and sparkle possess the place of bluntness.
  • Vitality levels increment.
  • Volume of milk increments in lactating moms.
  • Youngsters pick up vitality, sound body weight and can without much of a stretch process the nourishment expended. They turn out to be more impervious to regular maladies like hack and cool.
  • Recovery from disease is accomplished rapidly with no complexities.

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