Capsicum/bell peppers known as “Shimla Mirch” in Hindi is a genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family Solanaceae. In addition, to use as spices and food vegetables, Capsicum species have also been used as medicines and lachrymatory agents. Here know about the bell pepper benefits for your wellbeing.

The substance ‘capsaicin’ which controls hotness in peppers is present in very small amounts in bell peppers making it less ‘hot’. Though they are available throughout the year, they are most abundant and tasty in the summers. The content of vitamin C and carotenoid also increases when the pepper is at the peak of its ripeness.

Health benefits of Capsicum (Bell pepper benefits)

bell pepper benefits

#Bell pepper benefits for Good Eyesight

Enzymes present in capsicum/bell pepper protect the eyes from cataracts and prevent night blindness. The carotenoid in bell pepper helps in maintaining healthy vision. It gives healthy eyesight because it contains Beta Carotene and vitamin C in large quantities.

#Good for Immune System 

Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory compound that reduces the risk of development of arthritis and provides relief from inflammation and also helps in increasing collagen production and supports skin and joints. Capsicum/bell pepper is also rich in vitamin K which helps in the formation of blood clots and also plays an important role in making our bones stronger and in protecting our cells from oxidative damage.

#Improves Digestion

Capsicum/bell pepper is a natural home remedy that helps in food digestion and bell pepper benefits in the prevention of cramps, ulcers and upset stomach. It improves digestion by increasing secretions in the stomach and has laxative qualities. Capsicum assists in the production of gastric juice and helps in increasing metabolism.

#Neutralizes Harmful Effects of Free Radicals

Capsicum/bell pepper benefits in neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals because of the presence of essential nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin E in it. Both Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants in nature and fight with the free radicals of our body, stabilize them and prevents them from damaging our body.

#Anti-Cancer Benefits

Being rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, capsicum/bell pepper provides several anti-cancer benefits. The risk of cancer increases due to chronic excessive inflammation and chronic unwanted oxidative stress. Moreover, bell peppers also contain health-supportive sulfur compounds. The enzymes in bell pepper help to prevent gastric cancer and esophageal cancer.

Skin benefits of Capsicum/Bell pepper

#Prevent Wrinkles

Vitamins C and E found in it prevent skin from the early aging process, free radicals and make healthy and wrinkles free skin.


Consumption of capsicum/bell pepper juice helps in reversing the signs of aging due to its high antioxidant levels. Bell peppers protect the skin from damage-causing free radicals, thus promoting healthy and younger-looking skin.

Hair benefits of Capsicum/Bell pepper

#Good Hair

Red bell pepper is good for hair growth, and also stops hair fall. Applying bell pepper juice effectively improves the blood circulation of the scalp and bell pepper benefits hair to grow thick and black.

#Strengthens Hair Follicles

Vitamin C present in capsicum/ bell pepper help in proper absorption of iron, thus ensuring that there is enough iron in red blood cells to carry oxygen to hair follicles. Vitamin C is also used in the formation of collagen. Collagen is required by hair follicles, blood vessel and skin to stay healthy and for their optimal growth. Vitamin C deficiency can cause dry, splitting hair that breaks easily.


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