Most individuals who drink hot water do it to boost their health holistically. They make it a point to drink hot water very first thing in the morning and right before getting to bed to get most of the benefits of drinking hot water. But does it really help?

Findings suggest that benefits of drinking hot water in morning will boost digestion and relieve congestion. It may lower stress levels. Simply keep in mind the temperature, though. Hot water (or you may even call it warm water) is typically between 120 F and 140 F. Anything beyond that will scald your tongue and burn your throat.

There is more to drinking hot water benefits than you may have known. Keep reading to grasp more!

The most vital benefits of drinking hot water is improved digestion. Hot water intake is additionally known to ease nasal congestion and also the associated stress. It additionally promotes esophageal health.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

1. Improves Digestion

Drinking hot water will activate your digestive tract. This improves the digestion method. Hot water additionally helps dissipate particles in your system that you might have had trouble digesting.

Hot water additionally widens the blood vessels and directs blood flow towards your bowel – further enhancing digestion. Once you take hot water after a meal, the temperature emulsifies fats and makes them more digestible (in case you suffer from gastric reflux avoid drinking excessive water before and after meals, as this will dilute gastric juices making digestion tougher, which can cause reflux).

Studies additionally show that meal temperature can have an impact on the rate of gastric evacuation. This might help relieve constipation also.

2. Relieves Nasal Congestion

Hot water will loosen clogged sinuses and nasal passageways, clearing congestion. This way, it may relieve a sinus headache.

You have mucus membranes throughout your neck and upper torso. Drinking hot water will help warm these areas and soothe a sore throat (often caused by a mucus build-up).

Studies show that hot liquids are superior to cold liquids in managing fluids within the higher tract and treating the connected infections.
Hot drinks additionally work splendidly well in relieving most symptoms of cold and flu.

3. Eases Stress

Drinking hot water will boost the functioning of your central nervous system, helping ease stress as well. As per a study, adding warm milk to hot water will further promote the stress-busting effects. However, is vital to remember that milk and dairy products promote mucus build-up. This would possibly work for stress reduction, however it wouldn’t work for relieving nasal congestion.

Though the study attributes the stress-busting effects of the liquid to caffeine (that was supplementary to the milk), it additionally stresses the role of the warmth of the beverage.

4. Helps Treat Achalasia

Achalasia is a health condition in which the lower part of the esophagus fails to relax. This prevents the food from passing into the abdomen. Studies show that the intake of warm foods (water included) will assist in the relaxation of the lower part of the esophagus (also referred to as lower esophageal sphincter, LES).

In another study, hot water swallows were found to boost symptoms in patients with achalasia. Hot water traversed the LES faster than room temperature water or cold water.

Another study showed that 880 yards of the patients found relief from chest pain after drinking hot water.
In fact, cold water was found to worsen symptoms in patients with achalasia.

5. May Aid Weight Loss

A theory suggests that hot water stays in your abdomen a bit longer when compared to cold water. This suggests you are feeling fuller for a longer period, which could aid weight loss.

6. Improves Blood Circulation

Hot water expands your arteries and veins, providing higher blood circulation throughout the body. This can also regulate your blood pressure levels.

7. Relieves Pain

We saw that hot water may boost circulation and improve blood flow. Although no analysis has directly linked hot water intake to pain relief, it might facilitate.

People sometimes use heat packs to reduce pain. So, drinking hot water would possibly ease the inner pain. However do note that heat can also aggravate swelling. Hence, you may consult your doctor in this regard.

8. Helps Flush Out Toxins

Drinking hot water will increase your internal body temperature. Though temporary, this activates your body’s endocrine system, and you start to sweat. This will help rid your body of toxins.

Toxins within the body may make you age faster. Clearing them may prevent signs of aging.

Drinking hot water helps. it might sound too easy, however it will have useful effects. However what about cold water? How is drinking it different from drinking hot water?

Drinking hot water Vs Cold Water

Cold water will have some benefits, particularly once your body temperature is on the rise. This will be when you are exercising or are involved in an intense activity. Once you are traveling in the hot sun and face a risk of heat stroke, cold water works.

Drinking cold water brings your body temperature back to normal. It additionally helps you rehydrate more quickly. Drinking hot water in these instances might be a bad plan.

Excluding the above-mentioned instances excluded, hot water is often preferred. But then, there are a number of things you got to keep in mind.

What Are The concerns With Hot Water?

Please understand that when we say hot water, we don’t mean water that is too hot. You don’t wish to damage your esophagus or burn your taste buds. Neither would you wish to scald your tongue!

You must avoid drinking hot water that’s close to boiling temperature. Testing a small sip before taking a gulp works best.
The temperature of hot water (or warm water) is between 120 F and 140 F. Of course, you won’t always be able to measure the temperature. So, a test sip should help.

According to Ayurvedic medication, drinking hot water frequently will help in healing your body. It boosts digestion and helps eliminate metabolic waste. Hot water is the way to go – except for when the environment around you is so hot that you feel dehydrated.

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