When I went to my doctor for a routine checkup, he straightforwardly asked – how much water do you drink in a day? 1 water bottle, I said shyly as I knew this is not the adequate amount of water intake.   You might guess the doctor’s reaction. And a few days later my blood tests showed I was suffering from Vitamin deficiency. This was a year ago. Here are benefits of drinking water for health.



Water is one of the essential elements that my body was missing and hence the imbalance. If you are someone like me, I would suggest grab water bottle, and drink too, and then proceed with the reading on the benefits of drinking water.

Water does wonders to your body! Benefits of drinking water

If your skin becomes dry and flaky, you should worry. The moisturizers or creams will just soothe your skin for some time but it will turn dry frequently. And, there are chances that you might develop wrinkles at an early stage. This is caused due to dehydration. Dry and flaky skin is one of the symptoms that you are not taking the adequate amount of water. Drink ample amount of water and your skin will glow naturally. Do not presume that today you have eight glasses of water and tomorrow your skin will glow. No! You need to drink eight glasses of water daily for amazing benefits of drinking water and then you will get the results with time (1).

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Water keeps you hydrated. If there is a lack of water in your body, you will definitely feel lethargic and tired. Less consumption of water leads your heart to work harder on releasing the oxygenated blood. This causes an imbalance in the rest of the organs’ functioning. It also leads to a negative effect on your mood and behaviour. Studies reveal that even a 5 per cent of drop of water in the body can spoil your mood. Stay hydrated. Consume enough water to let your body organs, including mind, work efficiently (2).

Water helps in weight loss too! You heard it right. Go to any dietician, gym or yoga instructor they will ask you to drink at least 8-10 glasses in a day; reason being it helps in losing weight. You drink at least eight glasses in a day, and sometimes you feel full after having two glass of water at a go. Isn’t it? This is the trick. If your stomach feels full, you will tend to intake lesser food and, hence, lesser calories. Along with this, water burns excess fat in your body too.

Water-infographic,benefits of drinking water


When I say water, stick to the pure water and not any sodas, alcohol or cold drinks with added sugar. This will make your case worse. If you are taking any of these drinks then consume water more to flush out the unwanted elements.

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Water treats headaches, migraines, ulcers and constipation. Continuous headaches could be a sign that you are not drinking enough water. Sometimes because of dehydration you will be facing headaches, ulcers, migraines and constipation. Drink 1 glass of water, the first thing in morning.Water cleanses body.

It also provides enough fluid to your bones resulting in the less chances of osteoporosis and arthritis.

During pregnancy, doctors advise to consume more water to avoid any chances of bladder infections, constipation and hemorrhoids.

A study by the International Kidney Institute reveals, a person should drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day to avoid the formation of kidney stones. Water dilutes the salt and minerals that reaches out to kidney and, thence, prohibits the accumulation of the salt and minerals in the body.

Another symptom that shows the lack of water level in your body is the color of your urine. If your urine is yellowish, you should drink water more.

Drink enough water as required by your body. But do not drink excessive amount. It matters too.


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I, really appreciate the Healthlogus’ Abhay and Taruna to give me the opportunity to write about the health benefits of drinking water on their website.


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