Honey known as “Shahad” in hindi is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. Honeys are also produced by bumblebees, stingless bees, and other hymenopteran insects such as honey wasps, though the quantity is generally lower and they have slightly different properties compared to honey from the genus Apis. There are amazing benefits of honey as ayurveda says. Honey bees convert nectar into honey by a process of regurgitation and evaporation. They store it as a primary food source in wax honeycombs inside the beehive. here are benefits of honey

benefits of honey

Health Benefits of Honey

Prevent cancer and heart disease

Honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease. Very important among all health benefits of honey.


Benefits of honey to cough and throat irritation

Honey benefits to coughs, particularly buckwheat honey. Buckwheat honey helps in relieving nocturnal cough and allowing proper sleep.

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Heal wounds and burns

External application of honey has been shown to be as effective as conventional treatment with silver sulfadiazene. It is speculated that the drying effect of the simple sugars and honey’s anti-bacterial nature combine to create this effect.



Some varieties of honey possess large amounts of friendly bacteria. This includes up to 6 species of lactobacilli and 4 species of bifidobacteria. Which is no doubt very important benefits of honey.


Blood sugar regulation

Even though honey contains simple sugars, it is NOT the same as white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Its exact combination of fructose and glucose actually helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. As natural sugar are always better for use.


Weight Loss

Including honey in diet help in weight loss. Drinking warm water with lemon and honey on an empty stomach daily is the prime component of all weight loss and detox programs. It is an excellent way to cleanse liver, remove toxins and flush out fat from the body.Very famous among health benefits of honey.

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Boosts Immune System

Honey has great antibacterial and antioxidant properties which give your immune system a boost. It helps in keeping away several ailments such as flu, common cold, etc. To improve immune system, add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to warm water and take it daily on an empty stomach. For an extra boost, add fresh lemon juice and a dash of cinnamon.


Benefits of honey for Acne

It plays a crucial role in the treatment of acne. Acne is caused by the build-up of oil and dirt on skin. Since honey absorbs impurities from the pores on the skin, it acts as an ideal cleansing agent. Honey is also a natural antiseptic, and soothes and heals your skin.


Hair benefits of honey

Honey with all it goodness does wonders for your hair. It cures dry, damaged and dull-looking hair. It helps retain moisture and get rid of dry, itchy flakes on your scalp. It also helps keep your hair clean, lustrous, healthy and shiny.


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