Single or two fold leg circle is the English interpretation of Padvritasana, and Padvrit asana is a Sanskrit word, and the importance of ‘Cushion’ is legs and ‘vrit’ remains for circle. In this Asana you need to make hover from your legs; in clockwise and anticlockwise headings. With the goal that’s the reason this stance is known as single or two fold leg circle.

Weight pick up is normally identified with collection of fats on various – diverse areas of the body. A few people convey a considerable measure of fat on their higher appendages, while others have it on their stomach. With the exception of a large portion of the general population, especially young ladies, zones of the thigh and bum are a noteworthy wellspring of fat collection, bringing about a body molded like a pear. This is frequently basically because of our hereditary qualities figures out where the majority of fat cells are put and this is one of the amazing benefits of padvritasana.

In a few people there are extra fat cells around the thighs. What one ought to do is recoil the quantity of fat inside those fat cells with a specific end goal to make the thighs and bottom more slender and less fatty. Thigh practices that utilization all the essential muscle in your lower body can build your digestion hours after exercise. So padvritasana is the amazing and simple to do work out, which you can improve the situation your butt, hips and thighs. Padvritasana is appropriate for everyone.

Steps of Padvritasana (Single or Double Leg Circle)

benefits of padvritasana

1. Lie down level on your back on the floor. Your arms should rest at the edges and your palms pointing downwards.

2. While taking in (breathe in) lift your correct leg up and make a hover by turning the leg a clockwise way.

3. Endeavour to make five to ten circles without touching the floor. (While making circles breathing ordinarily or you can hold the breath amid making hovers with your legs.)

4. In the wake of making a five or ten circles, gradually cut down your leg, rest in Savasana for quite a while on the off chance that you feel tired.

5. Subsequent to unwinding rehash a similar procedure with your substitute leg and turning your leg in against – clock shrewd headings. (You can likewise tying weight belts of 1 to 1.5 kg around your lower leg keeping in mind the end goal to make it more successful)

6. Subsequent to doing this Asana with your one leg at once, do it with the two legs all the while. (Utilize weight belts while you playing out this procedure with single leg)

7. Pivot your the two legs here and there, right-left in every one of the four bearings as much as you can. With your the two legs make hovers in clock insightful and hostile to – clock savvy bearings.

Benefits of Padvritasana

  • It gives appropriate shape to the stomach, when playing out this asana with the two legs.
  • This is the straightforward and simple asana for lessening additional weight, if this is done routinely.
  • It decreases fat at the hips, thighs and midsection and influences your stomach to light and firm.

Varieties in Padvritasana

Rests level on your back on the floor. Place your arms at the edges, palms pointing downwards.

Lift your correct leg up to 90 degree while taking in, hold the position and your breath for few times, after that put down your leg while breathing out.

Rehash this procedure 5 to 10 times.

Do a similar procedure with your substitute leg.


Asana ought to be honed under the direction of expert.

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