Neck pain, don’t we all experience it at some point in our lives? Sitting cooped before our computers, or gadgets causes muscle tension or back strain. Neck pains and aches may affect one part of your neck or be dispersed. Painkillers work but indiscriminate use of pain killers can cause side-effects. Hence it is important to seek a solution that is both natural and holistic.

Here, we can discuss how to treat neck pain with acupressure points. Acupressure can be easily practiced within the confines of your home. You need to find the points and massage the points to treat a particular condition. First, we need to discuss the various causes of neck pain and how Acupressure can provide much-needed relief to neck pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

At the end of a hard day at work, or waking up in the morning after sleeping in the wrong posture with a stiff neck, these are some of the reasons to end up with neck pain. There can be other reasons too such as arthritis and meningitis which can give you a sore and painful neck for many days. Let’s discuss some of the common reasons that can get you a stiff neck,

Some of the common causes of neck pain are:

  • Faulty Sitting Posture
  • Faulty Sleeping Posture
  • Overexertion
  • Muscle Strain
  • Sprain

Acupressure for Neck Pain – Providing Holistic and Quick Relief

Acupressure helps unblock meridians by using gentle yet firm pressure on certain points of the body along the energy lines, popularly known as acupoints. Stimulating these points can help the brain produce endorphins. Endorphins or happy hormones are chemicals that help subdue pain signals and incite pleasurable feelings. Muscles relax and there is a free flow of blood in the absence of pain. The body rebalances itself and mitigates pain.

Acupressure is not only a remedy but also considered a preventive measure. The pressure helps the body resist most stressors and illness. When there are imbalance and disharmony of the body, disease results. When the body energy flows smoothly it helps sustain life and cause vitality.

Acupressure is a great option for neck pain relief but there are certain steps one needs to follow. A comfortable and relaxed position at a quiet corner of your home works wonders. Relax somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and sit in a comfortable position to practice acupressure. Continue to breathe deeply before starting. Also, continue to apply firm pressure on the pressure points and continue to rotate your fingers in a circular motion. If you experience pain during the movement, stop right there.

Acupressure and reflexology are complementary therapies and can provide effective neck pain relief and can sometimes work great especially when you combine it with other home remedies such as stretch exercises, warm compress, over-the-counter drugs, most neck pain may go away in a day or two.

Recurring neck pain may point out to other reasons such as skewed up sleeping arrangements or mounting the amount of stress in your life, or it may even be doing exercises incorrectly. Be mindful of the pain you experience and make sure you contact your doctor to let him/her know about the same.

If you are pregnant and experiencing pain in your neck, speak to your doctor about some of the treatment options before trying out the acupressure treatment.

If you have neck pain as a result of an injury or car accident, don’t treat it with reflexology or another remedy. Make sure you get proper medical attention from your physician.

Best Acupressure Points for Neck Pain Relief

acupressure points for neck pain relief

1. L14

Locate this pressure point is between your thumb and forefinger. It is also known as the He Gu point. Stimulating pressure points at this point can help relieve neck pain. This pressure point must be avoided by a pregnant woman at all costs.

2. TE3

This pressure point can activate various parts of the brain. It helps improve blood circulation and can help release tension. This pressure point can help with pain-relieving caused by stress.

3. GB2

Locate this pressure point at the back of your shoulder, right in between the crux of your neck and arms. Stimulating this point can help get rid of headaches and muscle tension and neck pains. Pregnant women should void using this point as it may induce labor.

4. Heaven’s Pillar

Find this point at the top right at the beginning of your backbone, move 2 inches away from the point and you will find the pressure point. The point is located on your shoulders and can provide great relief to a stiff neck. This pressure point can also help people with congestion problems.

5. GB 20

Locate this point right behind your earlobe inching towards the top of your neck at the base of the skull.

This pressure point is really effective in relieving neck pain, headache, and chronic fatigue. It can also ease away neck pain caused by sleeping in contorted positions.

Now that you know all about acupressure points and how you can stimulate the same to get relief from pain in the neck, follow these simple tips to enhance your healing experience.

  • Evaluate the problem of the receiver
  • Ask the receiver to stretch and relax before the acupressure session
  • Ask the receiver to lie down on the mat
  • Put support of rolled towels or cloths to ensure greater comfort and relaxation
  • Start activating the points gently
  • Apply pressure on the pressure points on both sides of the body in tandem
  • Apply pressure on a particular region for at least 2-3 minutes before moving to the next pressure point

Explore the potency of this age-old therapy and integrate this practice into your daily life to reap maximum benefits. Court holistic healing to lead a fit and healthy life.

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