Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul.” Here are yoga to lose weight.

Yoga is not a recent phenomenon. It is an ancient Indian practice which is associated not just with the physical well-being of the body but with the overall health of a human being. If one adopts the practice as a part of everyday routine, one can actually feel the difference – mentally, physically as well spiritually. And as an added bonus, it can bring about weight loss too. With the growing trend of people getting more cautious of their expanding waistlines and increased instances of metabolic disorders – cancer, diabetes and others – there has been a sudden upsurge in people prioritising their health and resorting to tailor-made diet plans and fitness regimes here best yoga to lose weight at home.

Best Yoga to lose Weight

locust pose
  • Lie on your belly with your arms rested beside your body. Your palms must be facing up and your forehead must rest on the floor.
  • Turn your big toes towards each other – this will inwardly rotate your thighs. Firm your buttocks.
  • As you exhale, lift your head, upper torso, arms, and legs away from the floor.
  • Firm your legs and heels, and ensure your big toes are turned towards each other.
  • Raise your arms such that they are parallel to the floor, and stretch them through your fingertips.
  • Push your arms towards the ceiling.
  • Look forward or slightly upwards. Keep the back of your neck erect.
  • Stay in this position for about 30 seconds. Exhale and return to the initial position.


  • Stretches and strengthens the shoulders, chest, and belly.
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs.
  • Relieves stress and improves posture.


  • Anybody with headache or serious back injury must refrain from performing this pose.
  • Individuals with neck injuries can support their forehead on a thick folded blanket.

Surya Namaskar elaborated and health benefits

  • Attain the sarvangasana pose.
  • Once done, bring your legs downwards from over your head.
  • Let your arms stretch back to support your position one of best yoga to lose weight.


  • Reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Stimulates abdominal organs.
  • Calms the brain.


  • Individuals suffering from diarrhea or neck injury must not perform this pose.
  • If you have asthma or high blood pressure, practice the pose with your legs supported on props.
  • Pregnant women must not perform this pose.
  • Come down to the floor on your hands and knees.
  • Ensure your knees are set directly below your hips, and your hands a little ahead of your shoulders.
  • As you exhale, raise your knees from the floor.
  • Initially, lift your heels away from the floor.
  • Lengthen your tail bone away from the back of your pelvis, and lift your sitting bones towards the ceiling.
  • Exhale, and push your top thighs backwards.
  • Straighten your knees.
  • Firm your shoulder blades, and keep your head between your upper arms .
  • Stay in this pose for about a minute.
  • Exhale. Bend your knees to the floor, and return to the initial position.


  • Improves digestion.
  • Relieves fatigue and back pain.
  • Energises the body.
  • Calms the brain and relieves stress.


  • Pregnant women must not perform this pose.
  • In case you high blood pressure or headache, support your head on a bolster, ensuring your ears are level between the arms.
  • Don’t perform this pose if you have diarrhea or carpal tunnel syndrome.

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bridge pose
  • Lie on your back.
  • Fold your knees and keep your feet hip distance apart. Ensure your knees and ankles are in a straight line.
  • Keep your arms beside the body with your palms facing down.
  • Gently inhale, and slowly lift your back off the floor.
  • Roll in your shoulders and touch the chest with your chin, without bringing your chin down. You must support the weight of your body with your shoulders, arms, and feet.
  • Both your thighs must be parallel to each other and to the floor.
  • Keep breathing gently.
  • Hold the position for a couple of minutes, and then come back to the initial position as you exhale.


  • Gives a good stretch to the chest, abdomen, neck, and spine.
  • Helps improve digestion.
  • Calms the brain, and reduces anxiety and stress.


  • Refrain from performing this pose if you are suffering from neck or back injuries.

13Bhekasana (Frog Pose)

  • Lie down flat on your belly.
  • Take your hands back and try to grab your feet as you bend your knees upwards.
  • As you inhale, lift your chest, and squeeze your shoulders towards each other.
  • Ensure your heels touch your hips, and you are holding your feet by their toes.
  • Hold this position for about a minute and gradually return to the initial position.


  • Stretches the abdomen and the chest.
  • Improves posture.
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs.


  • Avoid the pose if you suffer from any injury to the neck, back, or shoulders.
  • Also, individuals suffering from migraine or high blood pressure must not perform this yoga poses to lose weight.

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  • Simply lie on the floor with your belly touching the ground.
  • Rest your hands beside your torso, palms facing up.
  • Exhale and bend your knees such that your heels are close to your buttocks.
  • Take your hands back and clasp your ankles. Ensure your knees are just hip-width apart.
  • Inhale and lift your heels away from your buttocks, while you simultaneously lift your thighs away from the floor.
  • Press your shoulder blades against your back and open your chest. Look forward.
  • Ensure you don’t stop breathing.
  • Maintain this position for about 20 seconds before you return to the initial position as you exhale.
  • Lie quietly for a few seconds.


  • Stretches and strengthens the abdomen and chest.
  • Improves posture.
  • Stimulates the organs of the neck and abdomen it is effective yoga to lose weight.


  • People with high or low blood pressure, migraine, insomnia, and injury to the lower back or neck must refrain from performing this pose.
boat pose
  • Sit on the floor with your legs spread straight before you. Place your hands on the floor a little behind your hips, with the fingers pointing towards your feet.
  • Lift through your breastbone and lean back slightly.
  • Keep stretching the front of your torso.
  • As you exhale, bend your knees, and lift your feet off the floor. Your thighs must make an angle of 45 degrees with the floor.
  • Stretch your arms alongside your legs. They must be parallel to each other and to the floor.
  • Try to maintain the position for about 20 seconds. Return to the initial position.


  • Strengthens the abdomen and hip flexors.
  • Stimulates the kidneys and intestines.
  • Relieves stress and improves digestion one of easy yoga to lose weight and tone.


  • Individuals suffering from asthma, diarrhea, headaches, heart ailments, and low blood pressure must not perform this pose.
  • Pregnant and menstruating women must refrain from performing this pose.
  • In case you have a neck injury, perform this pose with your back near a wall. As you tilt your torso, you can rest the back of your head on the wall.


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