For anyone searching for new and exciting natural remedies, incense tree has become very well-liked in recent years. Before adding this flavorer remedy to your health program, it’s crucial to know the supply, the uses of this herb, and also the potential Boswellia Serrata benefits.

What is Boswellia Serrata?

Scientifically referred to as incense tree, this is often not solely the name of the herb however conjointly of the big tree native to Republic of India and elements of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This tree is most noted for manufacturing Indian thus, a standard name of the herb, which can even be referred to as Boswellia serrata or shallaki.

The whole Boswellia genus is remarked as thus, however this specific species has been praised for the rosin it produces. Once this natural resin is aloof from the tree, it’s usually burned for aromatic functions or utilized in medical applications. Boswellia Serrata is famous in Ayurvedic drugs, because it is related to powerful medication properties and a good form of different health edges.

For a lot of formal applications, the rosin of the tree is allowed to harden and is then processed into varied supplements, beverages, cosmetics, and soaps, all of that have the potency to deliver notable benefits for normal users. This flavorer concoction will be found in natural health stores and from trained herbalists. Boswellia Serrata may be a made supply of boswellic acid, furthermore as varied styles of terpenes, that have a variety of effects on the body.

Boswellia Serrata benefits (shallaki)

Boswellia Serrata benefits

Some of the boswellia serrata benefits embody its ability to appease symptoms of inflammatory disease, lower inflammation, stop autoimmune disorder, stop varied styles of cancer, speed wound healing, boost muscle strength, stop headaches, and support skin health.


Perhaps the foremost well-known boswellia serrata benefits is that the impact it will wear inflammatory conditions, like degenerative joint disease. Various studies have joined the regular use of this herb to the inhibition of sure inflammatory enzymes within the body, as well as cytokines, which may cause joint pain and discomfort. For individuals full of inflammatory disease and different inflammatory problems, daily use of Boswellia will improve the standard of life and soothe the bulk of associated pain.

2Wound Healing

In Ayurvedic tradition, boswellia serrata extract has been accustomed heal each internal and external wounds. Topical applications are ready to stimulate circulation to the wound and speed healing, whereas conjointly protective the wound from infection. Once supplements or beverages with boswellia serrata are consumed, it will facilitate accelerate the recovery time for extended injuries or sickness.

3Immune System

One of the recent discoveries associated with this herb is that the result it will wear lymphocytes and T-cells at intervals the body. These are crucial system parts that may have an effect on the severity and latency of the system. Once boswellia serrata extract is frequently consumed, it will optimize the system to a lot of effectively reply to foreign substances and infectious pathogens.


A great deal of attention has been given to Boswellia serrata’s impact on cancer within the body. In contrast to several anti-cancer compounds and natural remedies, this herb doesn’t cause necrobiosis (automated cell death) however instead prohibits the proliferation and unfold of cancerous cells.

This can notably lower your risk of neoplasm formation and create it easier for formal cancer treatments to eliminate cancerous cells at intervals organ systems. It’s conjointly related to a discount in symptoms caused by therapy, creating it a well-liked complementary treatment to fashionable cancer remedies.

5Autoimmune illness

Some analysis has shown that boswellia serrata benefits is ready to strengthen the system and create it a lot of proof against reaction diseases. Wide referred to as a number of the foremost devastating diseases to manage and overcome, daily uses of boswellia serrata will facilitate scale back your risk of diseases like lupus, rheumatism and different chronic diseases.

6Skin Health

Although the nutrient content of this herb is somewhat restricted to its active ingredients, specifically boswellic acid, it will hold some inhibitor skills for the skin. The herb has been utilized in Ayurvedic drugs for the treatment of skin inflammation and irritation and is understood to enhance the looks of wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes, whereas conjointly boosting the physical property of the skin.

7Prevent Headaches

Headaches are a sort of inflammation that few individuals think about, however swollen capillaries within the head, close to the temples, are a significant explanation for headaches and migraines. Analysis on the Ayurvedic use of this herb has shown that it will quickly and systematically soothe the pain of headaches in most patients.


Anecdotal proof from Ayurvedic tradition shows that using this herb, notably once it’s burned as a hydrocarbon, will facilitate to scale back anxiety and lower levels of chronic stress hormones within the body. This is often attributed to the presence of triterpenes within the body, which may impact the assembly and unleash of key neurotransmitters in our system.

9Muscle Strength

The reduction in inflammation of the joints and muscles of the body is simply a part of Boswellia’s impact; this could conjointly allow a lot of intense workouts and accumulated energy, which can end in higher muscle tissue metabolism and a notable boost in endurance whereas workout.


Boswellia serrata benefits has been directly connected to reducing inflammation within the gut, that is that the explanation for several organic process issues, from Irritable bowel syndrome to constipation and upset stomach. By eliminating this inflammation, because of boswellic acid, nutrient uptake potency will be improved and symptoms of looseness of the bowels, bloating and cramping will be eased, additionally to a lower risk of large intestine cancer and internal organ ulcers.

11Hormone Balance

All thus varieties, notably once utilized in extract or volatile oil kind, are acknowledged to rebalance hormones throughout the body. This could facilitate to enhance mood and stress levels, whereas conjointly optimizing the metabolism, reducing the severity of menses and improve processes for energy metabolism, among others.

12Analgesic skills

The pain-killing skills of boswellia serrata benefits are closely tied to its legendary medication properties. Beside inhibiting the discharge of inflammatory enzymes and compounds within the body, it conjointly impacts the triggering of pain receptors in those joints and muscles.  This could improve the standard of life and keep you feeling young and healthy as you age once consumed in moderate amounts.

Boswellia Serrata Uses

This herb is employed in many various forms, given its distinctive supply and composition. As mentioned higher than, boswellia serrata (the herb) is non-heritable by assembling the natural resin from the tree of a similar name then permitting it to dry before process it. From that time, it will be burned for aromatic or aromatherapy functions, however the dried rosin is additionally enclosed in varied supplements and merchandise that are wide accessible.

This rosin may be additional to varied beverages and foods, given its gentle flavor, and is additionally accessible during a pure extract kind, that is employed in varied forms as a natural health remedy.

It comes in topical forms, which may be applied to painful or inflamed elements of the body, furthermore as during a diluted solution kind. Some girls use boswellia serrata tree as an ingredient in natural cosmetics, and in spiritual tradition, this herb is employed as a kind of incense.

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