“Baka” is gotten from the Sanskrit word which implies Crane and the importance of asana is Posture. This Asana is fundamentally the same as the body stance of crane, so it is additionally named as Crane posture. Bakasana (बकासन) is a conservative arm leveling stance that aides in reinforcing the arms comparatively as the stomach organs. The anatomical concentration of this posture is that the wrists.

By as often as possible honing the crane pose, the spine extends to its full length and this will build its adaptability generally. Crane pose is a sort of yoga pose that is by all accounts troublesome to perform, however really is very simple. There is each other asana that is fundamentally the same as Bakasana and that is Kakasana, yet has a few contrasts.

How to do Bakasana (Crane Pose)


1. Remain in the position of Tadasana.

2. Subsequent to taking the position of Tadasana, come down to the Uttanasana position.

3. While doing Uttanasana, keep your hands on the floor just before your feet. For this, you’ll have to twist somewhat more from your hips.

4. In case you’re not able to adjust legitimately, endeavor to keep a crease cover beneath your hands so your body gets a stage to lay on.

5. Presently bend your arms a bit (however much as could be expected).

6. Endeavour to convey your left leg up inside the air.

7. Crease your knee and investigate rest your left knee on the external aspect of your left arm.

8. Overlap the correct leg from the knee and investigate put the correct knee on the external aspect of the correct arm.

9. There should be worthy separation between each your hands, so it winds up noticeably simpler for you to adjust your body staring you in the face.

10. Remain enduring amid this position for concerning 15-20 seconds, after that gradually discharge.

11. Rehash this procedure three times each day.

Health benefits of Bakasana (बकासन)

  • Standard routine with regards to this stance will increment mental and physical quality.
  • Encourages in to make your body more adaptable.
  • It builds perseverance limit.
  • Rehearsing this stance on a day by day routine encourages you in fortifying your lower arms, wrists and shoulders.
  • It gives an OK extend to your higher back and even fortifies your stomach muscles.

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