Deviasana is otherwise called Utkata Konasana or Goddess pose. Honing Deviasana will produce inventiveness, as well as amazing utkata konasana benefits and tones and fortifies your center muscles. Utkata Konasana (Deviasana) has an influence on upgrading fruitfulness as it offsets the chakra.

How to do Utkata Konasana yoga pose (The Goddess Pose)


1. In the first place get into the position of Tadasana (mountain pose or palm tree posture).

2. Keep your arms in the resting position to the side of your legs.

3. Extend your feet and place a separation of four feet.

4. Then turn your two toes an outward way and take a long breath.

5. At the time that you inhale out, twist your knees, and make sure that they are over your toes.

6. Now drop down your hip into a squat. Keep your thighs parallel to the ground or floor. (This can happen when you work on crouching, once you idealize with hunching down you are alright with this.

7. Then spread out your arms to the side of your shoulders. (Attempt to keep your arms at your shoulder’s tallness). Your palms should confront downwards.

8. From that point onward, gradually set up your palms together and make a Namaste mudra and keep them hidden from everyone else. Around then keep your lower arms at a 90-degree edge.

9. Make sure that the tailbone is tucked in alongside your hips which are squeezed forward at the time that your thighs are stepped at the back.

10. Your knees ought to be parallel with your toes.

11. Keep your shoulders relaxed at the time that you look into the horizon.

12. Stay in the posture around 30 to 60 seconds.

13. When you feel awkward delicately down your arms and get once again into the beginning position of Tadasana.

14. Repeat this for 4 to 6 times.

Health benefits of Utkata Konasana (Deviasana, Goddess Pose)

  • It extends crotches, hips and your chest.
  • It tones and fortifies your center muscles.
  • It fortifies your muscles of inward thighs and quadriceps.
  • It fortifies your arms, upper back, and bears.
  • It produces warmth to your body and enhances the blood flow.
  • It makes more space in the pelvis which is valuable for ladies amid labor.

Utkata Konasana contraindications

On the off chance that you got recent damage in your back, hips, legs or shoulders; at that point keep away from this asana. In hypertension don’t practice this asana as this asana creates warmth to your body.

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