Sanskrit name: – : धनुरासन (Dhanurasana)

English name: – Bow posture

Another name: – Urdhva Chakrasana (Upward wheel posture).

The name “Dhanurasana” originates from the Sanskrit words Dhanura which signifies “bow” and Asana signifies “posture” or “seat”.

This body stance of this is named after the shape it takes-that of a bow. Dhanurasana is additionally now and again connected with an upward wheel stance or Urdhva Chakrasana. The Bow or Dhanurasana raises the two parts of the body on the double, joining the developments of the Cobra and Locust, and countering the Plow and the Forward Bend, same as like a bowman hanging a bow. In this, you utilize your hands and arms to pull your trunk and legs up together to shape a bend. It tones back muscles and keeps up the flexibility of the spine, enhancing stance and expanding essentialness.

How to do Dhanurasana (Urdhva Chakrasana)


1. Lie on your stomach

2. Hold you’re the two feet with your hands making a back curve and situating like a bow.

3. Force you’re the two feet gradually – gradually, as much as you can.

4. Look straight ahead with a grin in your face.

5. Keep the stance stable while focusing on your breath.

6. Following 1-20 seconds as you exhale, gently convey your legs and chest to the ground and unwind.

Health Benefits of Dhanurasana (धनुरासन)

  • Dhanurasan reinforces the back and the mid-region in the meantime
  • Keeps you dynamic and enthusiastic
  • It enhances stomach issue
  • Bow Pose likewise helps in lessening fat around paunch range
  • It is useful particularly to ladies as it enhances regenerative framework and enhances menstrual scatters
  • Directs the pancreas and is prescribed for individuals with diabetes
  • Extends the thoracic area of the chest
  • Lightens hunchback
  • Builds the hunger
  • Adjusting the heaviness of the body on your mid-region additionally lessens stomach fat and keeps the stomach related and regenerative frameworks solid


On the off chance that a Person experiencing hypertension, back pain, cerebral pain, headache or stomach area surgery ought not to rehearse “Dhanurasan”.

Women ought not to rehearse this amid pregnancy and in periods.

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