Top 7 Foods To Include In Skinny Guys Diet For Muscle Gain.

Being skinny ain’t bad. In fact it’s really cool since it gives you a fast metabolism rate. However there are a number of people out there who are looking to add on a few extra pounds and it all for the right reasons. Take bodybuilders for instance, they are often looking to pack up some weight and it all good- isn’t it? Here are the top 8 foods diet for muscle gain any skinny guy would take to gain a few extra pound of weight.


Peanut Butter

peanut-butterNatural peanut butter has very ideal proteins and fats that any skinny guy who’s looking to gain some body fats could use. In fact one tablespoon of peanut butter has about 100 calories. And as my personal trainer in Zurich would say is quite ideal if you wanted to put up some extra pounds of weight and muscles.

Pure Chicken

Chicken-Breasts diet for muscle gainSkinless chicken like lean beef is a top class source of high quality protein. This makes it a very ideal dish for maintenance of your body muscles, bone health, and weight for any skinny guys. I have used skinless chicken for a very long time and learnt a few ideal ways of preparing it too. If you have a diet for muscle gain and to maintain think pure chicken.


cottage-cheeseCheese contains ideal nutrients form milk products. Because of this most cheese bites have high amounts of fats and shouldn’t be eaten every day. However with an ideal timetable a skinny guy could appreciate some cheese to their weight gain diet for muscle gain. Cottage cheese is in fact very ideal as it contains casein protein (slow digesting protein) that’s typically ideal for the maintenance of body muscles.

Whole Egg

eggAn egg is the perfect food that contains every essential vitamin and mineral. For instance it has 9 essential amino acids, healthy fats, Vitamin D, and chlorine. The great thing about eggs when it’s all about weight gain is the amount of cholesterol that it contains – 170 mg to 210 mg. This is the perfect amount if you want to add some weight to that skinny body. Indeed mensfitness also recommends the use of at least one egg a day in diet for muscle gain.

Tuna Fish


The fitness center in Zurich where I was trained advises consuming a high protein diet. In order to gain weight quickly, one of the dishes you can try out is Tuna fish. Tuna has high levels of protein, low fat, and the right levels of omega – 3 fatty acids. Meaning Tuna will improve your metabolism.

If you visit any expert fitness center for weight gain classes you’d be advised to consume a diet with high protein if you are skinny. One of the dishes that your coach will tell you to try out is Tuna fish.

Fruits And Veggies

carrot1Fruits and veggies are great antioxidants. Meaning they will be very ideal for your body immune system. In additions to that they provide tons of ideal nutrients such as Vitamin C, E, and beta carotene that are all essential for your health. For a skinny guy however, they will benefit from the fibers and the full natural sugars that promote weight gain a good diet for muscle gain.

Whole Grains

wheatgermWhen I was working out with my personal coach I remember my diet was always full of brown rice. Brown rice is a form of whole grain. It digests efficiently and give more nutrients. Brown rice for instance boosted my hormone levels, encouraged lean muscle growth, and left me with healthy body fats.

Well it might take a few adjustments if you must fuse all these foodstuffs into a skinny guy’s diet but trust me, if they are looking to gain weight or train with a top class personal coach in Zurich on weight gain, this is the way and diet for muscle gain.

Do let me know if you have any question.


  1. It’s okay if you have low appetite and coke helps you eat more. But
    remember, cold drinks like coke doesn’t contain essential nutrients
    and is bad for your health. Due to its effects on certain hormones
    (e.g., dopamine) it’ll build up fat in your belly.

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