Dimocarpus longan, regularly known as the longan, is a tropical tree that produces the consumable natural products. It is one of the better-known tropical individuals from the soapberry family (Sapindaceae), to which the lychee likewise has a place. This sort of fruit is to a great degree favored in China and is additionally perceived by its territorial title pinyin, which proposes ‘mythical beast eye’ since where the pit or even seed is arranged resembles an eye.

Aside from longan, it is otherwise called Dragon’s eye, Dragon’s eye natural product, Lungan, Cat’s Eye, Eyeball, Mamoncillo Chino.

Longan nutrition Quick Facts

Name: Longan

Logical Name: Dimocarpus longan

Origin Southern China, in the territories of Kwangtung, Kwangsi, Schezwan and Fukien, Hainan, Yunnan

Colors Yellowish dark-colored or now and again grayish-yellow,

Shapes Drupaceous, 1.25– 3 cm in distance across, subglobose,

Tissue colors Fleshy, translucent, white arilloid

Taste Musky, sweet taste

Calories 2 Kcal./container

Major nutrients Vitamin C (3.00%)

Copper (0.56%)

Starch (0.37%)

Vitamin B2 (0.31%)

Potassium (0.19%)

The plant is local to southern China, in the regions of Kwangtung, Kwangsi, Schezwan and Fukien, Hainan, Yunnan and are otherwise called the lychee’s younger sibling. The longan is just somewhat greater than an olive and isn’t exactly as succulent as lychee. The product of the longan tree ages only somewhat later than the lychee and is likewise competent to create at diminished temperature extends and is additionally altogether less requesting with respect to its creating circumstances.

Longan Plant

Longan is a quickly developing, evergreen, very much expanded, natural product tree around 10 to 12 m (32.5 to 39 ft.) tall, however, it may achieve statures of 40 m (130 ft.), with a breadth of up to 1 m. The plant develops well in warm subtropical territories and flourishes best on a rich sandy soil and almost also on reasonably corrosive, to some degree natural, sand.

It likewise develops to a substantial size and bears intensely in oolitic limestone. The plant has an unpleasant corky trunk with the distance across achieving 1 m and dim dark-colored, lenticellate twigs. Branches are pilosulose (secured with long delicate hairs) and are scattered with glaucous lenticels (waxy pores).

Longan Leaves

The evergreen, substitute, paripinnate leaves have 4 to 10 inverse flyers, elliptic, applaud elongated or lanceolate, limit tipped; 4 to 8 in (10-20 cm) long and 1 3/8 to 2 in (3.5-5 cm) wide; rugged, wavy, shiny green on the upper surface, minutely furry and grayish-green underneath.

Longan Flowers

Flowers are light yellow, 5-to 6-petalled, bristly stalked blooms, bigger than those of the lychee, are borne in upright terminal panicles, male and female blended.

Longan Fruit

Natural product hangs in hanging bunches that are round and around 1.25–3 cm in width and are generally yellowish dark-colored or once in a while greyish yellow. The peel is tan, thin, and rough with little hair. The tissue is translucent, and the seed is extensive and dark with a round white spot at the base. This gives the hallucination of an eye. The tissue has a musky, sweet taste, which can be contrasted with the flavor of the lychee fruit.

Dimocarpus longan nutrition and longan benefits

longan benefits

Longan natural products are exceptionally prevalent for their therapeutic advantages. These crisp delectable and sweet longan have more wellbeing focal points than we can consider. Recorded underneath are a portion of the mainstream medical advantages of devouring longan fruit:

1Heart wellbeing

Heart issues are because of the undesirable state of the heart caused by a few issues. Longan fruit comprises a good amount of magnesium and potassium which are very advantageous for ordinary working of the heart. It helps with unwinding the muscles and the nerves associated with the heart organ which influences the circulatory strain.

2Help with Controlling Blood Pressure

As we realize that adjusted measure of magnesium and potassium is required for keeping up pulse level. Longan benefits comprise a good amount of minerals so it is very gainful for keeping up blood level. So incorporate longan in your consistent eating routine to have adjusted circulatory strain level.

3Aids in Weight Loss

The fruit is one of the vital parts of the get-healthy plan. Longan is a decent wellspring of starch which is fundamental to frame vitality, so notwithstanding amid consume fewer calories the body will get adequate stamina and in the meantime help with lessening your hankering towards nourishments. Aside from that longan likewise comprises of satisfactory measure of water which will keep your body hydrated.

4Keeps the advancement of Cancer

All-natural products are a rich wellspring of cancer prevention agents and are a great answer to keep the improvement of the harmful cell. Malignant cells are caused by untreated harmed cells caused by free radicals. The most ideal approach to manage it is by dispensing with the harmed cells before it will influence any solid cells. Polyphenols have the capacity in managing those harmed cells and in the meantime aiding recovery of new and sound cells. Longan fruit is a magnificent wellspring of polyphenols so incorporating this natural product in your eating routine is best to deal with the disease.

5Superb Stress Remedy

Stress is a standout amongst the most well-known mental issues, individuals are looking all through the world and the primary driver of stress is unfortunate social life, work weight and some more. General uses of longan is outstanding amongst other choices to manage worry since it comprises of specific substances that assistance in quieting the pressure.

6Useful for Bone Health

Mineral insufficiency and age factor is one of the fundamental drivers behind poor bone conditions. For the most part, the ladies who entered the postmenopausal stage are experiencing sure bone conditions like osteoporosis because of inadequate mineral. Longan benefits comprise a good measure of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and copper so females with early osteoporosis indications could, in any event, slower the degeneration of bone cells on the off chance that they much of the time expend longan fruit.

7Battle Anemia

Health benefits of Longan comprises of a good measure of Iron which is very basic for managing Anemia. Press is imperative for creating red platelets; a legitimate measure of red platelets in the body implies zero danger of Anemia. Moreover, Longan is a great wellspring of Vitamin C and this vitamin is normal substances that help in improving the ingestion of Iron.

8Solid Metabolism

Riboflavin which is discovered copiously in longan fruit is very basic for sound digestion. This substance has a commitment to fortifying extraordinary chemicals that could help the body enhancing the procedure of fats, sugar, and proteins in appropriate way.

9Useful for EyeSight

Riboflavin is a vital Vitamin B complex which is fundamental for decreasing the danger of eye issue especially Cataract. Normal utilization of longan for long haul lessens the danger of age-related conditions that generally influences the vision when the individual achieves senior age.

10Common cure for Stomach ache

Longan benefits comprise of specific substances which could help as a home solution for cure a few stomach issues like torment and contaminations. Because of its antimicrobial activities, it treats a few stomach issues by disposing of or slaughtering the main driver of diseases.

11Oral Health

As specified before longan benefits comprises of good amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very useful for keeping up harmed films, in this manner standard utilization of longan helps with keeping up oral wellbeing. Since it is a mineral-rich natural product, it additionally helps with keeping up the solid teeth structure.

12Sex Tonic

Since old circumstances, longan is viewed as outstanding amongst other sex tonics by Chinese. Chinese perceived longan as homegrown medication in the first run because of its ability to give longer vitality which is useful for any sexual movement.

13Against Aging

Polyphenols found in longan is viewed as outstanding amongst other regular wellsprings of against maturing. Anyway, polyphenols have a quick reaction towards free radicals and will expel it from body framework to forestall solid cells being influenced. In this manner recovery of cells is directed successfully without impedance which makes longan berry great against maturing.

14Wound Recovery Enhancer

Vitamin C and Vitamin B are those vital vitamins that are basic to repair harmed cells. A wound is likewise a kind of the harmed skin cell and vitamin C repairs the harmed tissues. Since it additionally works as against microbial, it likewise keeps the injuries from encouraging contaminations. Open injuries are effectively debased by microorganisms. Incorporate Longan benefits into your eating regimen to get the required measure of vitamins.

Types of longan

There are some kind varieties of longan that are further down

1. Chompoo longan

Chompoo longan: It truly is small in measurements that have yellow-tan shading. It is only a Thai assortment alongside immense, top quality fruit having a swoon pink dash inside the tissue. It truly is genuinely sweet in enhance.

2. Kohala Seedling

Kohala Seedling: A close in respect to the lychee tree yet significantly greater, more vigorous and substantially colder safe. The natural product is brilliantly sweet in enhance. The shade of the natural product is darkish dim to ruddy rust. The flavor is incredible.

3. Haew

Haew: Haew is extremely a late-developing cultivar. The top-notch organic product is direct to enormous in measurements having a fairly modest seed. The shade of the fruity is brilliant dark-colored.

4. Kohala marcotted

Kohala marcotted: Strongly connected with lychees, longans are significantly respected in Southeast Asia. It truly is greater in estimate alongside dull tan shading. It has a fragrant taste.

5. Wu Yuan

Wu Yuan (“repudiate”) has little, sharp natural product utilized for canning. The tree is energetic and seedlings are esteemed as rootstocks. ‘Kao Yuan’ is accepted to be a somewhat better kind of this assortment and is generally canned.

6. Tsao ho

‘Tsao ho’ (‘Early Rice’) is the most punctual assortment and a frame called ‘Ch’i jaw tsao ho’ goes before it by 2 weeks. In quality, both are substandard compared to ‘Wu Yuan’.

7. She p’ I

‘She p’ I’ (‘Snakeskin’) has the biggest natural product, as large as a little lychee and somewhat lengthened. The skin is unpleasant, the seed substantial, a portion of the juice is between the skin and the tissue, and the quality is low. Its solitary favorable position is that it is late in the season.

8. Hua Kioh

‘Hua Kioh’ (‘Flower Skin’), marginally lengthened, has thin, about dull substance, a portion of the juice is between the skin and the tissue, and the general quality is poor. It is only sometimes engendered vegetatively.

More about Longan

The fruit is for the most part just devoured without anyone else since it incorporates a sensitive flavor easily endangered by different other sustenance things. Buy longan when they’re still on the stem in the commercial center – fruit off the stem and ordinarily excessively ready, making it impossible to be in their best when you get them home. Ensure the skin is free from buildup and furthermore blotches. Because of the more grounded skin, the fruit is significantly less spoilable instead of lychee.

The substance of the natural product is considered as a solution for poison while the dried tissue taken like tea might be utilized to manage restlessness and furthermore neurasthenic depression. In Vietnam, the seed is obliged by snakebite in the prospect that it’ll splash up the venom.


To store longan, wrap them inside a paper towel to splash up inordinate moistness and place them in a punctured plastic pack inside the ice chest. They’ll keep for only two – 3 weeks, despite the fact that they tend to shed a couple of their taste over the long haul. For ideal taste, they should be expended as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. Longan could be solidified inside their covering.

Conventional uses of Longan

  • The dried substance of the natural product is regulated as a stomachic, febrifuge, and vermifuge, and is viewed as a counteractant for poison in customary home grown prescriptions.
  • A decoction of the dried substance is taken as a tonic and treatment for sleep deprivation and neurasthenic despondency.
  • The “eye” of the longan seed is squeezed against a snake nibble in the conviction that it will assimilate the venom in both North and South Vietnam.
  • Longan organic product has been utilized as a part of the conventional Chinese therapeutic plan, filling in as an operator in the alleviation of neural torment and swelling.
  • Seeds are regularly given to people to balance substantial perspiring.
  • Pounded portion, which contains saponin, tannin and fat, fills in as a styptic.
  • A decoction of the dried substance is taken as a tonic and treatment for a sleeping disorder and neurasthenic hypochondria.
  • Eating longan fruit is respected as a characteristic solution for treating a stomach throb.
  • Fruit enhances and lifts the insusceptible framework and this enables the body to battle against different sicknesses.
  • It is wealthy in potassium and is in this manner supportive in keeping up one’s circulatory strain and keeping it ordinary.
  • Devouring dried longan benefits is accepted to enable cure to individuals of resting issue like a sleeping disorder.
  • It is utilized to regard wellbeing conditions, for example, amnesia and neurasthenic anxiety.
  • Crisp product of the longan tree is frequently expended to diminish and cut down high fevers.

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