According to the NSDUH (National Survey On Drug Abuse And Health), more than 21.5 million Americans are involved in some kind of drug abuse. Considering this number, it is clear that drug abuse is a growing problem that comes with life threatening dangers. Getting a drug treatment for drug abuse is of vital importance. While you can get clean on your own, a treatment has a better chance of preventing a relapse, which is why you need to find information on drug care centers.

The journey is never easy but it’s not impossible. There are a number of different treatment options available that can clear a person off of addiction and help them become sober again. This is obviously not easy, but this works and there are dozens of examples out there.

Drug Treatment Options to Know About

drug treatment

Here are some of the effective drug treatment options you need to know about:


Drugs destroy your body in the most brutal ways one can imagine which is why there is a dire need to heal the body of its effects. Here’s where medications can be of great help.

There are a plethora of medications available to treat drug abuse but only FDA approved medications should be used as they are effective and tested.

These medications block the receptors so that the person doesn’t crave for drugs in the same amount as before. These medications also help to reduce symptoms of withdrawal as well, but one needs to be very careful when using such medicines.

Many drug addicts who decide to leave their addiction behind can bring more destruction on them by consuming medications on their own without the supervision of a doctor.

Some of the medication prescribed by doctors are mainly opioids, stimulants and mood stabilizers. 


Little do addicts know that when they consume drugs, a small portion always stays within their body causing damage and craving. The body of an addict needs to be cleared of all traces of drugs so that the real healing can commence.

Here’s where detoxification comes into play. It’s a process of removing traces of drugs from the body of an addict. While the process can also be done at home by sweating in sauna, drinking lots of water, eating lots of juices and fruits, professional treatment is a better option.

Almost all rehab centers offer detoxification services, which is important when you start your journey towards being a healthy person again.


After successfully removing all traces of drugs from the body, the addict is put under therapy sessions to avoid relapse and to suppress withdrawal symptoms such as headache, nausea, high fever etc.

Here are some therapies used:

  • Contingency Management: This type of therapy involves motivating the addict to stay sober. This is done by offering them rewards in return, which keeps them motivated. This technique may sound funny to some but it actually works.
  • CBT Therapy: This therapy is about speaking to the person and learning what they think. It is all about their psychology. Here, the doctor or counselor asks them questions and learns what triggers the cravings. Once they do, they can understand the person better and help them overcome their cravings by highlighting the side effects.

Both of these therapies are highly motivational and help a great deal in treating drug addicts and makes them sober again. However, some other techniques may also be used by experts to help a patient overcome their condition.

The Verdict

These treatment options are effective and have a high success rate. If you or a loved one has fallen for drugs then it’s time to talk to them and enlighten them about ways in which they can leave it all behind and turn a new leaf over or contact the drug addiction helpline to help you further.

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