Weight is the greatest drawback of the chic age. It’s the fundamental driver for the serious, hopeless and deadly sicknesses. Circulatory strain, heart issue, polygenic infection and distinctive perilous maladies are caused in light of corpulence.

The heaviness of body well ordered will increment when consideration isn’t paid all through adolescence and this takes the state of heftiness. It is cured for all time with the admission of adjusted nourishment, appropriate way of life and customary routine with regards to yoga asana dwichakrikasan (द्विचक्रिकासन). This can conjointly cure the previously mentioned maladies .

How to do Dwichakrikasan (Cycling yoga Pose, द्विचक्रिकासन)

Dwichakrikasan (Cycling yoga Pose)

1. Just rests on your back, keep your hands other than your hips and stop your breath.

2. After that lift your one leg and curve up at the knee, bring your lower leg close to the hip and turn same like as paddling bike. (At first begin pivoting with your one leg at once and your inverse leg is twists up at the knee).

3. Repeat this activity from 10 to 30 times according to the limit.

4. Similarly rehash this with your inverse leg.

5. After doing with your both leg one by one, at that point begin pivoting ceaselessly the two legs same like as paddling bike. Likewise rehash this 10 to 30 times (don’t touch the ground amid the procedure).

6. When tired, rests in Savasana and rest for quite a while.

7. Now get ready for next level.

8. Fold your the two legs and curve up at the knee and begin turning your the two legs together at once attempt to make a hover amid paddling. Amid the procedure breathe out, when one turn is finished at that point breathe in.

9. Whenever you feel tired, rests in Savasana.

Health benefits of Dwichakrikasan (Cycling yoga Pose)

  • Dwichakrikasana is simple and best exercise for lessening additional fat from paunch and different districts. (This is done on normal practices for 5 to 10 minutes).
  • Makes the stomach firm.
  • Beneficial in corrosiveness and obstruction.


In the event of back genuine back damage stay away from this, and in minor spinal pain attempt this stance by pivoting one leg at any given moment. Before endeavoring any Yogic exercises concern a specialist.

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