Nowadays, all people try to walk with fashion, for which you have to adopt new ways. If you have high weight or stomach fat then you can not wear the right clothes, which makes you feel a little embarrassed. For this, you do dieting, it is used by many medicines, but their effects remain as long as you use them. But here we are giving a tip for 3 days as taking these 3 juices we are talking about will be beneficial for reducing your stomach fat very effectively yes its true this eliminates the fat of your stomach.

eliminates the fat of your stomach


What!!!  3 juices for 3 days can easily eliminates the fat of your stomach

If you want to change your look, then you have to change it yourself. The way in which your weight increases so far If that happens then you will never lose belly fat. You do not have to work hard for this to. You just have to pay attention to the fine meal. For this you can use the things available at home.
If you are also troubled with stomach fat, then take this drink for only 3 days. You will get some benefit. Know about the method of making it.

How to prepare these juices

Take grinders by taking the native celery leaves and grind it.

After this, grind it thoroughly by adding one lemon juice and half cup of water.

After that, take it out in a glass and drink it.

Such elements are found along with plenty of vitamins in the country celery leaves. Which easily keep the nervous system properly and keeps metabolism fast. Which easily eliminates the fat of your stomach.

Cranberry juice

Drinking cranberry juice can also get rid of obesity. It contains plenty of vitamin C and antioxidant. Drink lemon or vinegar together to drink it. By which fat will burn and will get rid of toxin together.

Boiled apple

Eating boiled apple also reduces obesity. It contains plenty of fiber and iron. Which easily burns fat after digesting.

Dandelion T

Fat burning is also done by drinking Dandelion tea. It is made of a flower. It will easily get you in the market as a T Bag.


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