Summer season’s humidity problem is the twin evil brother to winter season’s frostbites that is the worst enemy to your natural looking hair extensions. We keep waiting for those hot summer days to go out on beaches and bash a beach party with some fancy outfits, but we overlook one big problem that summer puts us into ‘the hair problem’.

You shouldn’t be jealous of people around who have the most perfect type of hair that is resistant to all climates and outdoors, and you have to compromise with sweaty and unmanageable scalp throughout the summers. But this time, the summer season would be in your favor, thanks to our selective extensive guide to great hair extensions below that you can apply to your hair:

(Note: The desired results may vary and some tips will work, while some may not, depending upon the hair type.)

Extensive Guide to Great Hair Extensions

Extensive Guide to Great Hair Extensions

#1: Go With the Flow

You can’t just be a rebel to Mother Nature. The hazards are far too beyond the imaginations if you stand against it. The best way to deal with nature is to let it go. Let your hair do they want and don’t enforce them to work the way you want. For instance, if your hair goes curly during hot weathers, don’t try to straighten them with your fancy hair straighteners. This would result in more irritation and floppy hair, so your natural curls would be easier to manage and moreover your hair extension would preserve its purest form. The same goes for straight hair types.

#2: Trim Your Hair Down

Before you get a nice hair extension, make sure that you trim them off to eliminate your split ends. This way, your hair would lose its core weight and become bouncy; whereas long hair would become a hassle to manage during summers.

If you’re not really keen into trimming down your hair, think of making a pony tail. This is by far the best hack for your long hair.

#3: Selecting the Best Shampoo Out There

A hydrating and smoothing shampoo would do a pretty fine job at locking enough moisture to your hair extension. The idea is to control your frizz and dryness that is caused by humidity. No need to go after a volume conditioner because humidity gives it to you by default.

#4: Dry Your Hair Up

It solely depends as to how well you dry your hair up, and then only you’d be able to see the desired results during hot summer. We recommend you not to use a blow-dryer. Go for a manual dry up instead. Use the tips of your finger and a smooth towel to do this job. The blow dryer would make your hair frizzier and more prone to humid attacks.

Here’s one tip: Don’t rub your hair with a towel. Squeeze them!

#5: Use a Moisturizing Serum or Hair Oil

If you walk down the lane to your nearest market, you’ll come across a lot of products for hair care, namely serums and hair oils. Buy yourself one and apply overnight for a fascinating summer morning.

Things to avoid:

  • Sun Rays: Wear a scarf or something to protect your scalp;
  • Swimming: The combo of chlorine and saltwater are the deadliest enemies to your hair extensions. Avoid it!

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