Are you tired of going out to the gym? Do you want to do the workout at home but don’t have that costly equipment to begin with? Here’s an article that you would love. Calisthenic exercises utilises your body weight as the main apparatus that replaces other weights or heavy workout equipment. The method includes pulling or pushing your own body, bending, swinging, jumping and other variety of calisthenic exercises that involve weight and muscle coordination. On top of that, you can use some natural supplements to increase brain power and over comes tiredness. You can find some useful supplements from nootropic blogs and if you follow the instructions these will enhance the capability of calisthenic exercises.

calisthenic exercises

Fitness tips: Calisthenic exercises at home without equipment

Here are few of the best Calisthenic exercises you can do at the very own comfort of your home.

1. Wheelchair Exercises

This term has a lot of misleading connotations to it. Although we are simply referring to individuals that need a wheelchair to walking we can also associate the exercise to wheeled-chairs or your office chairs. Using the graceful motion of the chair, you can modify your push-ups and leg motions which are a lot better than the normal ones.


2. Hand Cycling

This type of sport was developed in America in the year 1980. There are several types of hand cycles that you can choose from. Hand cycling utilises the power of your arms including all of the muscles associated with it. Although most applicable to handicapped, this type of exercise can also help increase the power of your upper muscles to normal humans.

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3. Lat Pull Downs

The same principle applies to the first one. Although most videos and articles you see on the Internet involves the use of the actual equipment, you can always settle for a do-it-yourself weight that you can have assembled at your home. This exercise is most applicable for people sitting in a wheelchair and would like to improve the power and tone their upper body.


4. Breathing Exercises

When doing exercises, it does not necessarily mean muscle toning and the like. There are also exercises that are helpful for your mind as well as your inner systems. Breathing exercises are the most convenient ones you can do at the comfort of your home or even when lying down. These include several breathing patterns and methods that would help include your overall health.

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5. Standing Calf Raise

By the term itself, this exercise utilises your whole body weight by raising your own calf while standing straight. Other variations include squatting, or even with the use of dumbbells. By putting your whole body weight on your lower body, this will increase and tone down muscles on your legs and waist when done on a regular basis.


6. Reverse Lunge

This exercise involves putting all of your weight on the heel of your one leg. This exercise helps improve lower body strength as well as improving your overall muscle coordination. This exercise could be done best without any dumbbells or other apparatus. You just simple bend your one foot forward, stand straight then kick hard using the other leg.

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7. Squat to Chair

This calisthenic exercise is helpful for stabilising your muscles from your ankle all the way to your back without putting too much pressure on the knees with the help of a chair. This pretty much could be done anywhere, but I’d strongly suggest you do this in an open area to stimulate proper breathing as well.


8. Chest Fly

Chest fly is one of the most common exercises for beginners when going to the gym. When doing this at your own home, you may simply use bottles filled with water or any liquid, cans or anything as your weights. Chest flying is done by lying flat on a mat and have your hands flying at chest level to ensure proper toning of chest muscles.


9. Calisthenic Basic Ab

With the use of your own body weight, basic ab workout is one of the most popular calisthenic you can do at home. This is best done with several weight-focusing and other methods to put pressure on your abdominal muscles


10. Bed Dancing

This is more applicable for individuals who would like to start their day right. It involves several positions and motor movements that are proven to improve overall muscle coordination and strength. There are various bed exercises that you may choose from depending on your needs.


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