In ancient times, the association between natural beauty and fair skin formed an unbreakable bond. Many people judge the standard of beauty based on the degree of skin tone. The fairer the skin, the higher the attractiveness rating. Modern society has since made a drastic turn away from this common perception. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the general population now associate tanned skin with physical attractiveness instead. In a survey conducted between a total of 7,100 participants, slightly over 5,000 of them declared their preference for tan skin. It was noted that this personal preference was more evident in the younger generations. This change can be attributed to the newly established notion that brown skin signifies healthier outlook and enhances natural beauty.



Five Tips to Save you from Tan

Tan/Tanned Skin

The consequence of this new trend is most evident during the summer season as most people rush down to the beach in search of golden brown skin tone. As more people jump on the bandwagon for tanned skin, they blatantly ignore the relevant knowledge and directly expose themselves to the risks of sun damage. Without adequate preparation, even the slightest form of impurity can cause extensive damage to the skin, resulting in a nightmare situation. Extended periods of the sun can have many adverse effects on the skin such as

  • Formation of wrinkles
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Development of freckles
  • Growth of age spots
  • Change in skin texture


1. Preparation and action

These changes can leave a lasting impact on the skin that eventually leads to irreversible damage. Paying such a high price for the sake of beauty is definitely not worth the sacrifice, especially when preventive measures could have been taken to avoid these disastrous results.


2. Exfoliate

As mentioned above, getting tanned skin requires certain preparations to be made. Other than being equipped with the relevant knowledge, the skin has to be prepped for intense sun exposure. Skin experts highly recommend exfoliation before any tanning activity to achieve the best possible results.

Exfoliation helps to remove any dead skin cells and other impurities such as dirt and oil. This process leaves behind a new layer of skin that can be easily tanned and will last for a longer period of time. Additionally, exfoliating the skin helps to prevent the development of acne as well.


3. Sunscreen

When choosing the perfect sunscreen, look out for “Broad Spectrum” and “SPF” labels on the bottles. Bottles marked as “Broad Spectrum” provide comprehensive protection against both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. On the other hand, a sunscreen with high SPF provides more protection against the harmful ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. The higher the number, the more protection it offers.

Proper sunscreen application should be made 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun and reapplied 30 minutes after the initial exposure. Going forward, the sunscreen only has to be reapplied if it wears off. Additionally, newer sunscreen products are formulated to be water-resistant. This ensures that the sunscreen is not washed away after each aquatic activity.

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4. Say No Sunbeds

Tanning salons are established for the sole purpose of tempting people to skip the due diligence process and opt for a faster way to achieve their desired results. Do not be taken in by their false advertising tactics claiming to offer an equally healthy tan within a shorter period of time.

These salons are equipped with sunbeds that emit intense amounts of UVA rays and forego the UVB rays which helps to enhance vitamin D. Although these sunbeds do provide a quicker tan, they come at a hefty cost; they increase the risk of skin cancer by up to 75%. Common sense dictates that the trade-off between these two factors are highly unbalanced and should not be relied upon.


5. Improve Diet

Incorporating healthier foods that improve skin condition can also play a significant part towards obtaining a better-looking tan. Tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene, which is a natural SPF for the skin. Antioxidants found in strawberries, cloves, walnuts, cranberries and grapes are effective in preventing sun damage to the skin too. Studies have shown that regular consumption of these fruits can help to ward off the negative effects of sun damage by up to 33%.


One bonus point is to remember “time”:

Tanning between 10 am and 4 pm should be strictly avoided as the sun is strongest during this period. Not only does it increase the chances of getting sunburned, but the tan also obtains during this time will not be as durable.

Furthermore, incorporate breaks into each tanning session to help reduce the UV intensity levied on the skin. Tanning periods given out in different sessions will provide for a longer lasting tan that is more evenly balanced out.



With the change in perception towards the definition of beauty, many people have looked to quick and easy ways to obtain the perfect tan. Due to this worrying trend, experts have warned that necessary preparations and precautions have to be taken before embarking on the journey towards the perfect skin tone.

Preparations such as exfoliating the skin before each tanning session will help to achieve a more balanced and longer lasting tan result. Preventive measures include changing dietary plans to add in healthier choice of food and also applying the right sunscreen or creams which comes with rapid ageless , which removes the radicals and make your skin look even more healthier and glowing.

In summary, much effort and diligence are required to achieve a perfectly tanned skin without inheriting any sun damage. Each process along the way should not be neglected, and a disciplined adherence will actually lead to the desired results.


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