Garudasana (गरुडासन) or Eagle’s Pose is an asana for upgrading body adjust. The word Garuda implies a eagle and alludes to the legendary ruler of flying creatures called Garuda, who is additionally the vehicle for Lord Vishnu. Garudasana is done in the standing stance, adjusting on a solitary leg with the other leg wrapped around it.

Garudasan can be endeavored by all, aside from those agony from serious joint pain of the leg joints. In the event that you can keep up a feeling of adjust by remaining on one leg, at that point you can without much of a stretch endeavour this stance.

How to do Garudasana (गरुडासन)


1. Stand straight on the two feet. Raise the correct leg and wrap it around the left leg.

2. The correct thigh will be over the left thigh and the correct feet will touch the lower leg muscles from behind.

3. So also, wrap the correct hand around the left hand.

4. Place the palms together to take after the snout of a falcon.

5. Attempt to keep up the adjust and gradually twist the left leg and lower the body until the point when the correct toes touch the ground.

6. This is the last posture. Endeavor to stay in this posture for whatever length of time that you can keep up the adjust. For tenderfoots, 15 – 30 seconds in adequate.

7. In the last stance, fixation ought to be on keeping up the adjust of body. One may look relentlessly at a point in the front to help the adjusting procedure.

8. To discharge the asana, rectify the left leg and unwrap the correct leg. Additionally discharge the correct arm and go to an ordinary standing position.

9. Rehash a similar procedure with the left leg wrapped around the correct leg and the left hand bent around the correct hand. 

Benefits of Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

  • Garudasan is essentially rehearsed to upgrade the feeling of adjust of the body.
  • Garudasan can fortify the muscles of the legs
  • It can release the joints of the legs.
  • It mitigates sciatica and stiffness in the leg joints.
  • Garudasana fortifies the lower leg muscles.

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