Arthritis has become a common illness, especially among the elderly women. Still, there are very few men who have been affected by arthritis. Arthritis has so many solutions, but it all depend on you to decide what works best for you. In case you have a chronic condition, ensuring that you first follow what your doctor states is best before you start choosing. Take medications to the as prescribed until you recover whereby you can choose alternative treatments. Green tea for arthritis is said to be one of the best medications for arthritis since it helps reduce inflammation and the joint pains that come along.


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Health benefits of green tea for arthritis patients

In relation to Mahsa Tehrani, MD a rheumatologist in Vienna, Virginia Green tea has an anti-inflammatory benefit that helps with the underlying inflammation associated with arthritis.

●Eases pain

Credit to being loaded with anti-oxidants, green tea if taken 3 times in a day can reduce any kind of pain that comes along with arthritis. In addition, you should take a balanced diet in all meals, inclusive of nuts and whole grains to prevent psoriatic arthritis causes that come along. Junk foods are so dangerous to arthritis patients since they make your body resistant to medicationand add unhealthy fat. You will have pain reduction only if you feed as advised and base your foods in relation to benefits they give to your body. There is no peace while you are experiencing pain; hence take green tea for arthritis to enable joint pain reduction.

●Reduce joint stiffness

Vitamin C contained in green tea is responsible for easing joint stiffness. If you are suffering from arthritis, joints may become stiff, and movement is reduced since the pain that occurs is unbearable. You can take 3 cups of green tea to enable you to reduce the pain and stiffness in the joints. This happens especially when arthritis is chronic making the patient immobile.Take simple workouts which will also speed up the process of reducing joint stiffness. You are also advised to keep off cold drinks or showers since they increase pain. Vitamin C in green tea works so fast in the joints by restoring flexibility making it easy for movement.

●Prevents arthritis from getting chronic

This is by increasing immunity giving you energy to stay strong.You should also continue using prescribed drugs for arthritis to prevent the situation from getting chronic. Your doctor knows best why he/she gives you medication to run together with green tea for arthritis. You will be able to take simple workouts and also perform your chores without disturbing other people. Chronic arthritis can make you a burden to your close people but with green tea for arthritis, you are free to rely on yourself.


●Helps reduce inflammation

Green tea has an active ingredient known as epigallocatechin gallate which is so powerful and helps in reduction of inflammation. This is through putting into a halt the production of certain inflammatory chemicals in the body. Before taking green tea for arthritis, ensure that you discuss it with your doctor who will advise you if it is best for you.

●Increases immunity

Being among the best joint pain treatments, green tea is praised much by most arthritis patients. This is because it helps to boost their immunity enabling white cell to resist any additional diseases. High immunity enables one to reduce arthritis and joint pains that come along and give you energy to be self-reliant. However, with low immunity, arthritis becomes chronic making you bedridden and dependent on others to have your chores done.

● Helps you to lose weight

Arthritis patient is required to have healthy weight. Green tea is perfect supplement for weight loss since it has ability to lower cholesterol and boost burning fat within the shortest period. It should be taken while you are still taking simple workouts so that it speeds up the process of weight loss. When you start noticing weight loss, arthritis becomes easier to manage since joint pains reduce drastically. Obesity can really worsen arthritis especially on knees and ankles.


Arthritis has no permanent cure but there are so many ways through which you can handle it, green tea for arthritis has proven to be one of the best ways since it can handle almost all the symptoms that come along with arthritis. You need to follow your doctor’s advice to the latter so that you can be able to live normally. Every arthritis patient should know that in addition to any medication, you need to be active always. This will help you reduce pain and be in peace while dealing with arthritis.

Green tea is easily available and affordable for most patients who wish to use it as a way of dealing with joint pain. However, do not take the green tea blindly as the remedy for arthritis but rather ensurethat you seek advice from a doctor on how to go about it.

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