Hamdard Masturin is a ponder of the nature and incredibly very powerful for ladies’ regenerative medical problems like menstrual, leucorrohea, gynecological issues, issues, and so forth. The regular item takes a shot at remedial front of wellbeing and does great occupations for uterine disorders.

Masturin is constituted of following regular parts:

Withania somnifera

Abroma augusta

Berberris aristata

Rauwolfia serpentina


Masturin dose for female regenerative issue

The nature’s magnificent therapeutic masturin is useful for some gynecological issues. It is useful in the treatment of numerous regenerative related ailments. Here, the ailments alongside measurements are given in the wake of counseling from an Unani doctor.

Menstrual issues: For menstrual anomaly, one should take 2 tbsp of masturin during the evening until the begin of next menstrual cycle.

Dysmenorrhoea: For dysmenorrhoea, take 2 tbsp of the normal stand amazed during the evening.

Leucorrhoea: For leucorrhoea, same thing ought to be rehashed.

Metritis: according to doctor, one should take 2 tbsp of masturin alongside tepid water around evening time. Be that as it may, in extreme cases, one may take one measurement toward the beginning of the day.

Uterine aggravation: It is useful in uterine issues.

Masturin substance organization

Hamdard Masturin for Women

Masturin is the amalgam of restorative herbs. The 10 ml of masturin contains the accompanying Ayurvedic and additionally Unani definitions.

Saraca indica: 500mg

Withania somnifera: 250mg

Abroma augusta: 125mg

Smilax officinalis: 125mg

Ferrous sulfate: 100mg

Rauwolfia serpentia: 100 mg

Valeriana wallichii: 23.6mg

Sugar and excipients

Hamdard Masturin medical advantages

  • It treats and cures menstrual issues, Dysmenorrhoea, Leucorrhoea, Metritis, Uterine aggravation and uterine issue.
  • It is one of the finest common herbs plans to remember you from every one of the distresses amid monthly cycle period.
  • This regular ponder tones up the muscles.
  • It normally controls the menstrual cycle and menstrual inconsistencies.
  • It treats fiery pelvic issue.
  • It is dealt with numerous gynecological issue.
  • It influences you to diminish from the difficult menstrual condition.
  • It indicates advantageous impact to your regenerative framework.
  • It is useful in cerebral pain, state of mind changes, tiredness and agony in back and additionally pelvic region.
  • It is beneficial for some hormonal related issues like PCOD.

Hamdard masturin for polycystic ovarian disorder

Polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS) is a hormonal issue. Various Unani doctors suggest masturin for pcos. This Unani item helps the endometrium issues along these lines gainful for menstrual abnormalities.

Masturin reactions

  • It ought to be taken in pregnancy just and simply after discussion of a doctor.
  • Masturin indicate almost no reactions on taking in direct amount.

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