Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is a perennial, herbaceous flowering shrub native to North America. Bloodroot owes its name from the bright orange-red juice that comes out of its rhizomes similar to human blood. Bloodroot juice has been largely used by Native Americans as dyes and for variety of Health benefits of Bloodroot and medicinal benefits of Bloodroot.

Health Benefits of Bloodroot


Bloodroot is a plant that grows up to 50 cm in height usually with one large multi-lobed green leaf. Bloodroot flowers bloom in early spring, to a white, eight to twelve, cup-shape petals. Bloodroot flowers have bright yellow stamens. The rhizomes that grow under the soil surface can grow to a wide colony. Bloodroot rhizomes produce a bright red-orange juice. Bloodroot seeds develop to long green pods up to 60 mm in length that ripen before the foliage goes dormant. Bloodroot seeds are round in shape and when ripe is black to orange-red in color.


Health Benefits of Bloodroot


Cancer Prevention

Berberine is a very important chemical compound that can be extracted from bloodroot. More specifically, berberine has been connected to reducing the size of tumors and cancerous cells in the brain, and has also been connected to various other cancers, representing an exciting new development in cancer research.


Healthy heart

The chemical components found in the Bloodroot helps to lower the strain on the heart. This help to prevent the coronary heart disease and reduce the atherosclerosis effects. One of important health benefits of Bloodroot.


Respiratory Conditions

Bloodroot extracts are used in minimal dosages to treat bronchial infections and sore throats. Bloodroot extracts, bloodroot tinctures and bloodroot tea have been used over several centuries in treating bleeding lungs, pneumonia, the common cold, whooping cough, emphysema and sinus congestions.


Treat skin problems

Bloodroot extract contains sanguinarine that has anesthetic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Bloodroot is effective in treating skin conditions such as warts, moles, skin tags and various skin inflammations.


Arthritis Relief

Bloodroot paste is popular among those suffering from arthritis, as it can rapidly eliminate the pain and inflammation in joints, while also increasing circulation throughout the body, stimulating growth and repair, and also keeping the metabolism healthy.


Treat migraine

Bloodroot possesses anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the pain of headaches and migraines. It helps to eradicate the inflammatory molecules and relief analgesic. Bloodroot is an effective aid to cure the chronic ailments.


For dental care

Bloodroot has been approved by FDA as toothpaste ingredient. Bloodroot extract has been found to fight infections like gingivitis and prevent the formation of cavities, plaque and tartar.

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