Breadfruit known as Bakri Chajhar in Hindi is one of amazing fruits that is loaded with the abundance of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is trusted that breadfruit leaves are exceptionally compelling in bringing down hypertension, diabetes mellitus. Health benefits of breadfruit are one such fruit that contains great measure of protein when contrasted with rice. Diverse basic amino acids (building squares of protein) are available in breadfruit and the most bottomless amino acids introduce are LEUCINE and LYCINE.

Health benefits of breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis)

health benefits of breadfruit

Rich in Antioxidants and Flavonoids

Research has discovered that different parts of breadfruit, for example, breadfruit mash, breadfruit seeds, peel and the whole natural product separates have promising cell reinforcement exercises. Such a cell reinforcement potential is because of the nearness of flavonoids and different phenolic mixes in it. Cancer prevention agents introduce in breadfruit have solid radical searching force and in this manner, it decreases the level of oxidative anxiety.

Various flavonoids are available in breadfruit that has cancer prevention agent properties and battle adequately against oxidative anxiety (1).

Elevated Cholesterol Levels

A study watched that treatment with breadfruit extricates essentially decreased the level of LDL cholesterol, add up to cholesterol and triglyceride level (2).


Research has demonstrated that breadfruit benefits extricate restrains the stomach related catalyst that proselytes starch to glucose upon absorption. In this manner, the transformation of sustenance to glucose is postponed, which additionally defers spike in the glucose levels after dinner.

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a critical hazard factor in the improvement of heart ailments. Research has demonstrated that breadfruit leaf benefits are extremely successful in bringing down hypertension.


It is extremely outstanding that breadfruit is utilized as an imperative fixing in the planning of different dishes. Other than this, it is otherwise called a society pharmaceutical and it is utilized as a part of the treatment of different infections and clutters. Research has demonstrated that breadfruit leaf remove restrains the catalyst that assumes an imperative part in the advancement of prostate disease.

Heart well being

An examination watched that treatment with breadfruit expanded the level of high-thickness lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), which is greatly sound and heart-defensive. Lower the level of HDL cholesterol.

Antimicrobial Effects

Breadfruit plant is a restorative plant with the nearness of different remedial constituents. These constituents hinder the development of different microorganisms.


Research has demonstrated that breadfruit separates secured the liver against hurtful activity of poisons by expanding the generation of prevention agent compounds.

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