White rice is one of the most frequently eaten food products around the world, however, white rice is not nearly so nutritious as its less processed version; brown rice. By making a simple switch from white to brown rice your health may benefit in a number of ways. Here are health benefits of brown rice.

health benefits of brown rice

Before white rice went through the refining process, it at one time looked exactly like brown rice. Brown rice, unlike white rice, still has the side hull and bran. The side hulls and brans provide “natural wholeness” to the grain and are rich in proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and potassium. 

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Digestive health

Brown rice is healthful staple which can be added to the daily diet for keeping a healthy digestive system. Fiber present in helps regulate the bowel function and keeps a fuller feeling. Fiber content also brings relief from other troubling conditions such as constipation.


Heart disease prevention

Due to its high fibre content, eating a diet high in brown rice may offer some protection against cardiovascular disease.

The layer of tissue around brown rice, (which is polished off when making white rice), may reduce the action of protein Angiotensin II, which is known to increase atherosclerosis and blood pressure.


Maintains Skin’s Elasticity and Youthful skin

The selenium present in brown rice benefits to maintain skin elasticity and reduce skin inflammation, one of important health benefits of brown rice. Brown rice can also be used to prepare a face mask. To make this face mask, first grind brown rice till they are very fine. Mix 1 tbsp of plain yoghurt with ½ tbsp of ground rice. Apply this mixture to face. Rinse it with warm water after leaving it for about 10 minutes.


Controlling blood sugar levels

The fibre in brown rice means that the digestion time of this carbohydrate is slower than more processed grains, including white rice. This means that there is a more controlled slower release of sugar into the blood stream and the product has a lower glycemic index than other grains.

A diet rich in low glycemic index, high fibre foods is associated with more stable blood glucose levels, which can help to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Rich in Antioxidants

We usually associate anti-oxidant rich foods with blueberries, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. The antioxidant capacity of brown rice is right up there with these super stars.


Bone health

Brown rice is helpful in the maintenance of healthy bones. It is rich in magnesium which along with calcium provides the bones their physical structure. Magnesium-rich brown rice prevents bone demineralization and is beneficial for medical conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.


Boost Immunity

Brown rice is loaded with a significant amount of vitamins, minerals and phenolic components that are essential for strong immunity. A strong immune system accelerates healing and enhances the body’s ability to fight infections. The antioxidant property of brown rice helps fight free-radical damage that causes diseases and accelerates the aging process. Higher diet quality also plays a key role in keeping your immunity strong and healthy.


Anti-depressant properties

Germinated brown rice possesses anti-depressant qualities and helps in combating anxiety related disorders. Germinated brown rice contains essential amino acids such as glutamine, glycerin and GABA.


Helps to Control Weight

For people trying to lose weight, brown rice is the perfect solution. Manganese in brown rice assists in synthesizing the extra fat in the body. It also amplifies the function of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase. One of important  health benefits of brown rice.


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