Pranayama is not a breathing exercise that is simple it’s a breathing process. Pranayama is the link between mental and physical practices that are yogic. Here are amazing health benefits of pranayama.

What is Pranayama (meditation)?

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that includes ayama and prana. Pranayama can be defined through various techniques as control and expansion of prana. In a manner that is simple, we might say which pranayama is a combination of inhalation and exhalation. Pranayama is among Yoga’s vital Elements which indirectly or directly affects the functioning of systems of the body. If you exercise pranayama it shows impacts upon system, circulatory system, digestion and system. Pranayama good for hearts and ensures oxygen.

health benefits of pranayama

Health Benefits of Pranayama

  • Pranayama tones up kidney and control nerve system’s functions.
  • Adrenal glands that modulates glandular secretions,
  • heart rate,
  • respiration,
  • digestion and
  • blood pressure degree is affected by pranayama.

What is difference between breathing and pranayama

There is a difference between breathing and pranayama process. Pranayama isn’t a simple breathing process, it’s a lot more than exhalation and inhalation. Pranayama is a breathing, which includes recaka slow and inhalation, kumbhaka retention of breathe, and pukara slow and exhalation.

Pranayama is performed while on the event of breathing, it is not so like that particularly sitting in padmasana. Breathing provides advantages while pranayama involves mental, physical and spiritual advantages. For pranayama practices, one has to ensure appropriate place, suitable time, mitahara diet and appropriate light.

Where to do Pranayama

Pranayama might be practiced to any place that’s well ventilated from external disturbances. Spring and fall seasons are the best times to practice pranayama as these seasons are favorable to the mind and body to keep them Synergistic with the outside environment. To be healthy and fit, fifteen minutes of pranayama is good.

Pranayama should be practiced in a place which is free of dust, pollutants, smoke and filthy things. The suitable time to perform pranayama is early in the morning on empty stomach. To have the proper advantages, one should practised pranayama regularly. Pranayama facilitates better blood circulation within the body when it’s done after bath.

During pranayama meditation, eyes should be closed to control the body and mind. There are eight types of pranayama as per the ancient scriptures.

Pranayama makes oxygen circulation smooth, by melting fat as more oxygen burns more fat helps in weight regulation. Pranayama helps in lungs expansion thus improves its efficiency and makes it Healthy.


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