Age spots on face have method of standing within the way of our beauty as we have a tendency to aged. Whereas there are several medical procedures to get rid of dark spots, they’re additionally home remedies for age spots. These remedies embody using apple cider vinegar, lemon, milk, applying papaya, dandelion, and aloe vera gel, sandalwood oil and applying dairy product on your skin.

What are Age Spots?

Age spots are unremarkably additionally spoken as liver spots. These are the flat brown spots that begin showing on your skin as you age. However, it is believed that the important reason is the advancing age behind these spots, it’s virtually true. The spots are caused due to exaggerated exposure to the sun. The accumulated sun harm done to the skin is manifested once your skin isn’t young any longer.

These dark spots on skin are typically visible in white race, who are within the sun for tanning heaps all their life. Reasons for age spots are several and varied, however their look isn’t welcome by most people as they create us look and feel older. These aren’t dangerous or health although, however individuals attempt their best to induce obviate them as a result of their look doesn’t provides a smart feeling.

Even though heaps of medical procedures are introduced late, these don’t return while not complications and or potential aspect effects. Moreover, their value is thus high; you’ve got to consider whether or not it’s knowing pay a fortune on such a procedure.

A number of the medical advancement embody dermabrasion- during which outer layer of the skin is sanded off, and new skin is grown; surgical procedure involves cooling the spots through liquid nitrogen; chemical peels additionally burn the cuticle however permit new cells to grow, and optical device medical care destroys the melanin-producing cells.

All of those procedures involve an excellent deal of after-care and value terribly high. Some home remedies for age spots instead give a similar results and value method but a medical treatment would. Another profit is that these home remedies for age spots prevent from any potential harmful aspect effects or complications. The often found remedies within the room include:

10 Home Remedies for Age Spots

home remedies for age spots

1Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains copious amounts of alpha group acids, and it works splendidly once applied to the skin directly. Simply apply it on the spots and leave it like that long. Most dark spot cream comprises a similar acid, thus it’s much better to use a natural remedy rather than an expensive cream. Adding a touch little bit of olive in apple vinegar makes it a superb exfoliator. Dabbing the mixture on the spots leaves your skin feeling even a lot of soft and swish.


Lemons are otherwise additionally extremely suggested for lightening skin tone. It’s easy with acid and is additionally helpful in obtaining obviate freckles and different varieties of dark spots on face. The acidic properties are ideal for removing the dead skin cells.

It permits a replacement skin layer to reveal that offers a natural glow to the skin rather like those overpriced fairness creams do. The initial application of lemon may cause redness and irritation. If you’ve got additional sensitive skin, perpetually ensure to feature very little vegetable oil or honey rather than applying lemon onto your skin in isolation.


Buttermilk is fashionable for holding carboxylic acid. Carboxylic acid rejuvenates the skin beside creating it look healthier and younger. Simply take a plant disease, dampen within the milk and so squeeze it to let the surplus milk drip; then dab onto your age spots. If your skin additionally has skin disorder, add a small amount of juice within the mixture and so apply it on the skin. Let the dabbing opt for many minutes and so let it sit for an additional quarter-hour. Then wash your face.


Onions are easy with acidic properties that are evidenced exfoliators of the skin. They any function antiseptic as they additionally contain sulfur compounds. Just in case vinegar and lemon irritate your skin an excessive amount of, slice an onion and rub it onto the affected noticed areas of the skin. The smell isn’t specifically likable however the irritation are lowered down sure as shooting. If you want to get rid of dark spots do the remedy twice daily and let it stay on your skin for a minimum of 15 min before washing it off.


Like apple cider vinegar, papaya additionally has copious amounts of alpha group acids beside some enzymes that are extremely useful to the exfoliating skin. Beside a dark spots remover, it additionally lessens the quantity of blemishes and different skin connected issues. It provides a novel glow to the skin and makes the complexion fairer.

Some individuals could be allergic to that. Therefore, medical practitioners advocate a twenty four skin test during which applying it to a comparatively little skin space and material possession it sit for 24 hours. If you expertise no reaction or irritation, it’s smart to travel for any use.


Dandelions do wonders once it involves rejuvenating the skin and obtaining obviate dead skin cells. Take some dandelions out from your yard and loosen the stem. Sap would ooze of it; use it to rub on to your age spots. A lot of bright, clearer complexion can result, and therefore the spots can begin to fade.

7Aloe Vera

Aloe vera could be a female’s dream as it involves in skin and hair beauty. It’s extremely effective in treating some skin connected issue be skin disorder, stinging nettles, poison oaks or age spots. It’s very light on the skin because it is easy with medicine and moisturizing properties.

It makes your skin look younger, fresher, fairer and hydrous. For best results, squeeze the aloe gel out of the leaf of aloe plant and apply it on to your black spots on face. Carry on doing the procedure till desired results are achieved.

8Sandalwood Oil

The volatile oil of sandalwood has some superb anti-aging properties. It are often used diluted in almond oil or applied on to affected age spots areas. To require the sandalwood remedy up a notch, use sandalwood powder with 2 drops of juice, glycerin, and essence, each. Apply this paste on your age spots on face. Let it there for 20 minutes or till it’s dry, then rinse it off.


Application of yogurt helps the skin tone become lighter with delicate bleaching properties of the carboxylic acid. You can additionally add a touch little bit of ground oatmeal and a small amount of juice in dairy product to up the sport older spot lightening.


Tomatoes have used for hundreds of years to induce obviate stubborn skin spots of any sort. A high level of carotenoid content, bleaching properties, and sure enzymes, tomatoes are ideal for effectively lightening the liver spots.

Using these home remedies for age spots, you’ll be able to get good results for dark age spots on face while not having to pay heaps of cash on expensive medical treatments.

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