The kidneys are among the most important organs in the human body. The kidneys help to detox and filter impurities from the blood, pulling waste products out and regulating fluid balance. Kidney stones form when the kidneys are not able to process and excrete waste, excess minerals, and toxins and crystals of unprocessed minerals begin to develop (1). Kidney stones, if they’re large enough, may cause tearing and pain, some even block urine flow. Here are certain home remedies for kidney stones and everything about like what causes kidney stones and various kidney stone symptoms.

What causes kidney stones (pathri)?

Our kidneys are essential organs that filter out the waste in our bloodstream. The byproduct of this waste is our urine. Stones develop from buildup of mineral deposits in our urine that stick together in the kidneys. Typically, these stones develop because of a lack of water that dilutes the accumulation of these minerals on the lining of our kidneys. Certain medications, medical disorders (e.g., Crohn’s Disease), and a family history of kidney stones can also increase your chances of suffering from them.

Preventative measures used to halt the formation of kidney stones to begin with include dietary changes and behavioral changes. These include things like decreasing sodium intake, drinking more water to stay properly hydrated, not working out excessively, and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

What are kidney stone Symptoms?

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of stone in kidney include the following:

  • Sudden, severe pain that comes and goes in intensity. Common areas afflicted include the back, groin, abdomen, side, and genitals.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blood in the urine or abnormal urine colors
  • Frequent and painful urination

Best home remedies for kidney stones

home remedies for kidney stones

Hydration an important key

It’s always a good idea to drink lots of water. However, when you have kidney stones or if you think that you might be susceptible to them, it’s absolutely critical to keep adequate fluids running through your system, this is one of important home remedies for kidney stones in order to flush out the minerals and other substances that cause stones to form. The darker your urine is, the more water you need. When your urine comes out clear or close to it, you know you’re drinking enough.

Coconut water for kidney stones

Apart from being a health drink, coconut water can be consumed to treat kidney stones and is one of the very effective home remedies for kidney stones. It has shown good results in breaking and flushing out the kidney stones from the body and to relieve burning sensation during urination (2).

Pomegranate for kidney stones

Both the seeds and juice of pomegranates have astringent properties that can help in the treatment of kidney stones. Try to eat one whole pomegranate or drink one glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice daily. You can mix pomegranate in a fruit salad also.

Basil for kidney stones

Basil promotes fluid, mineral and uric acid balance in the kidneys. Basil tea, or juice with honey, taken a few times a day over a period of time is thought to help in expelling stones from the urinary tract and to maintain your kidney’s health. Chewing two to three basil leaves every morning can also help to flush out the stones (3).

Olive oil and lemon juice for kidney stones

Lemon juice along with olive oil will help to solve the issue of kidney stones. Lemon contains citric acid that can help to dissolve the kidney stones and removes it. Take some fresh lemon juice and add equal quantity of olive oil in it. Drink this solution with more amount of water. Repeat the process for around thrice a day for best results (4)

Watermelon for kidney stones

As we know watermelon contains the highest amount of water. This is a fruit that must be eaten every day if you are suffering from stones in kidney. The potassium content of this fruit will fasten the process of eliminating even small stones.

Apple cider vinegar for kidney stones

Apple cider vinegar contains citric acid which helps to dissolve kidney stones, as well as alkalize blood and urine and help ease pain caused by the stones (5). Add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to 6­8 ounces of purified water. Drink this mixture throughout the day (6).

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are very effective for the treatment of kidney stones. Magnesium is known to alleviate symptoms in kidney stones and also to prevent recurrence. Soak the beans overnight, boil in water or pressure cook. Strain the liquid, cool and drink throughout the day. Make a new concoction everytime you drink it. Eating the beans too can give you your much needed dose of protein, Vitamin B and minerals which are essential for the health of your kidneys.

How to prevent kidney stones?

  • Consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water on the daily basis.
  • Avoid eating too much meat and any kind of fish.
  • Avoid adding too much salt in your diet.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium, calcium, carbohydrates and citrus.
  • Try to consume magnesium on the daily basis.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Do not consume alcohol frequently and in a large amount.

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