Sensitive teeth pain is a very common problem, which can affect people of any age. It can cause discomfort and pain when you eat something cold or hot. This problem happens because of the damaged enamel, which is the protective sheath of your teeth. There are many effective techniques and home remedies for sensitive teeth pain.

You may have sensitive teeth in one or more teeth. The sudden sharp pain can occur when you eat something hot or cold. Even the sweet and sour drink will give you tooth pain.

remedies for sensitive teeth


There are thousands of tiny tubes that lead to tooth‘s nerve. It will let the cold, hot, sour and sweet reach the nerves of your tooth. That is the reason why you feel severe pain and discomfort.

Another reason is that you brush your teeth too harsh and use a hard-bristled toothbrush. Grinding your teeth also damage the enamel and make it expose the dentin.

Tooth sensitivity may also be caused by tooth decay. Gum disease is one of the most common teeth conditions causing this problem. Moreover, if you do not brush your teeth regularly after the meal, you can have the plaque buildup on the root surfaces of your teeth. Plaque buildup can cause teeth sensitivity.


What Causes Sensitive Teeth and Pain:

  • Cavities infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Brushing too hard that harm your teeth
  • Cracked teeth and infected root
  • Acidic foods
  • Excessive use of chemical mouthwash and cleaning agent


How to Get Rid of Tooth Sensitivity with home remedies for sensitive teeth


Remedies for sensitive teeth with Salt Water

Salt water can also help relieve tooth sensitivity fast. Salt water improves the pH balance of the mouth, thus creating an alkaline environment in which harmful bacteria cannot survive. It help reduce dental pain as well and help treat gum sores. Mix ½ tsp of salt in 1 cup of warm water. Rinse your mouth with this salt-water solution.


Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is very well known for its calming effect. It reduces the pain and also the sensitivity. Take some vanilla extract and dip a cotton ball in it. Put this cotton ball on the sensitive tooth or on the affected area. Repeat the procedure at regular intervals.


Rock Salt and Mustard Oil

Rock salt and mustard oil works very well to provide relief from sensitive teeth. Take a spoon of powdered rock salt and add little mustard oil to it so that it becomes a thick paste. Now, with the help of finger, apply this paste both on the sensitive teeth and gums. In fact, you can apply it on all the teeth.

Rock salt also helps to brighten the teeth. Rub the mixture for 3-4 minutes and then rinse mouth with warm water. A regular use for a fortnight will cure sensitive teeth.


Remedies for sensitive teeth with Garlic

People suffering with teeth sensitivity can apply garlic on their affected tooth to find the significant relief. Garlic is considered as one of the natural remedies for sensitive teeth because of its antibiotic and medicinal properties, which can help you to alleviate the pain.

You can crush the garlic clove and mix with black salt or table salt. After that, apply it on your sensitive teeth. If you want, you can chew one or two garlic cloves for the better relief. It is recommended repeating the treatment for a few days in order to treat teeth sensitivity effectively and completely.


Avoid Highly Acidic Foods

Foods and drinks that are high in acid can really damage your teeth. Culprits with highly acidic properties include coffee, citrus fruits like lemon and lime, wine, carbonated beverages and even yogurt.

If you just can’t keep yourself away from these foods, consider using a straw to drink them to lessen the contact your teeth have with the acid. It is suggested drinking milk or water after consuming an acidic substance. This will help balance out the increased acid levels in your mouth.


Maintain Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene helps prevent inflamed and sore gum tissue, cracked teeth and plaque buildup on the root surfaces that cause tooth sensitivity.

It is essential to clean your teeth, mouth, gums and tongue thoroughly by following proper brushing and flossing techniques.

  • Brush your teeth gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush twice daily. Do not use a hard-bristled toothbrush.
  • Floss between your teeth twice daily.
  • Use desensitizing toothpaste to help reduce sensitivity.
  • Avoid using tartar-control toothpaste.
  • Use a fluorinated mouth rinse to reduce high acid content in your mouth that can aggravate tooth sensitivity.


There are many effective solutions and home remedies for sensitive teeth pain. However, it is still important for you to see the dentist every six months or sooner, depending on your tooth condition in order to keep the tooth disease at bay. However, if you try many ways and solutions but nothing can work or you cannot see any clear improvement, it is recommended talking to the dentist.


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