Nature has given us lots of ingredients that can help you to get fair skin. Natural ingredients for skin whitening and skin brightening are lemon, tomato, cucumber, Orange peel, potato etc. There are many product in market. which claim to lighten skin texture. But instead of buying such product. you can use home remedies for skin whitening for better result without any side effect. Natural beauty tips for skin whitening and skin brightening are as followsskin brightening

Best Home Remedies for Skin Whitening and skin brightening


health benefits of Cucumber,skin benefits of cucumber, hair benefits of cucumber, cucumber cooler, fresh salad ,kheeraCucumber

There are many benefits of cucumber for skin such as it revitalizes skin. It removes skin tanning and sunburn. It also offers many other benefits to skin as rejuvenates skin, reduces dark circles, treats blemishes and fights with cellulite. It is best natural skin brightening agent. You can apply cucumber directly on your face. It doesn’t cause any side effect on skin. you can apply it on every alternate day. Cucumber juice is one of the very popular home remedies for skin lightening and skin brightening.


Lemon is natural bleaching agent. It removes tanning and lightens skin. It also helps in curing hyper pigmentation. It is very good for acne prone oily skin. It removes excess oil from skin. It is one of the best skin brightening agents provided by nature. You can apply lemon juice directly on face with rose water. You can also mix with tomato and cucumber juice and apply on face for 10 minutes.


Tomato is one of the popular home remedies for skin whitening and skin brightening. It works as bleaching agent. It also helps in tanning and brings back the natural glow on skin. It is very easy to apply tomato to lighten skin. You can apply tomato pulp directly on face. You can also prepare tomato, lemon and cucumber juice pack and apply on face for 15 minutes. It will revitalize skin smooth and glowing.


Most commonly found natural beauty ingredient in every kitchen. It perform skin brightening naturally. You can apply directly potato juice on your face. You can also rub potato slice and get naturally bright skin.



Gram Flour

Gram flour is used in various recipes in India. It is also a popular natural beauty ingredient. Gram flour face packs are popular home remedy for skin whitening and skin brightening. since long time. It shows wonderful results when mixed with lemon. You can apply lemon and gram flour pack three times in a week to get good result. Your skin tone will lighten within few weeks.

orange peel powderOrange Peel Powder

Vitamin C is very important for skin whitening, skin brightening and to have beautiful skin. Orange peel is a great source of Vitamin C. It gives natural glow to skin. Orange peel face packs are wonderful home remedy for skin whitening and skin brightening. It contains bleaching properties. which lightens skin tone naturally. It also suggested eating orange daily to have beautiful skin. Orange peel powder is easily available in market. You can also prepare it by dried orange cover. Let the orange cover dry and make it in powder form. For amazing benefits of orange peel for skin.


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