Corn is the slightest thing you could ever endure on your feet. It makes development awkward as well as very difficult if not treated in time. In this post you get to know top 5 home remedies to remove corn, a skin infirmity normally caused because of sick fitting shoes, high heals.

Furthermore, if not treated early then corn may prompt solidifying of skin which additionally compounds the condition. This solidifying of skin in the end changes over into corn.

While little medical procedure can evacuate the corn, there are over-the-counter-salves and uncommonly composed bandages for treating corns. In any case, these are not as effortlessly accessible and advantageous as home cures. Despite the fact that these cures are not of prompt impact but rather fixes corns for all time and mellows the solidified skin.

5 Home Remedies to Remove Corn (callus treatment)

5 Home Remedies to Remove Corn

Experience these simple home remedies to remove corn!

1White Vinegar for callus

White vinegar is available in every single Indian kitchen. Aside from enhancing the essence of any dish, white vinegar is a radiant attempted and tried solution for corn.

Technique: All you have to do is to take a cotton ball and dunk in vinegar and afterward put the cotton on the corn and secure its situation with a tape. Leave it for 3-4 hours and afterward expel the tape.

Now let the hosed corn dry for 30 minutes and afterward repeat the procedure. Follow this home cure two times every day for about 2 week and afterward you can lessen it to once in multi day for seven days. After that you’ll see the corn has tumbled off and the skin is additionally recuperated up.

2Tea Tree Essential Oil

This oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties which are superb for treating corn.

Strategy: Take a cotton ball and plunge in tea tree oil and after that place it over the corn.

Then secure the cotton with tape and leave it for 3-4 hours. Then wash the influenced zone with sedated cleanser and dry it with a towel. You’ll need tea tree oil construct cream to apply it with respect to the corn.

Follow this technique consistently before resting for multi week. This is a speedier treatment than white vinegar as you’ll get the chance to get results in only few week.

3Banana Peel

Indeed, even banana peels are among incredible home remedies to remove corn.

Technique: Peel off a banana and scrap within white part. Ensure you’ve scratched out a tablespoon of the white bit. Then put this white substance over the corn and wrap it with a swathe to anchor its position.

Leave it for couple of hours and after that wash the region with clean water. Try not to utilize cleanser. Repeat this two times every day for few week and see the outcomes. On the off chance that this is by all accounts comprehensive then you can straightforwardly wrap the banana peel around the corn and secure it with a swathe.

4Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, which is principally utilized as fading operator, additionally treats foot corns.

Technique: For this, you have to take a little bowl and fill it with some water. Then add some hydrogen peroxide to the water and blend well and let it rest for 5 minutes. Then douse the influenced foot in the water and ensure the corn is plunged in the solution for 15 minutes.

Remove the foot and wash it with clean water and dry it with towel. Then apply the tea tree essential oil over the corn. Proceed with this technique for three weeks to get changeless help from the foot corn treatment.


Garlic accompanies hostile to oxidant properties and is in this manner helpful in battling against bacterial and contagious diseases.

Strategy: Take 3 bits of peeled garlic and pound them. Broil three cloves and smash them into powder shape. Blend these clove powder with garlic and apply it over the corn. You can likewise utilize a check to anchor the powder.

Leave it for three hours and after that wash it with cured cleanser. You can likewise leave the powder over the corn medium-term and wash it off toward the beginning of the day for better outcomes.

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