Despite its pungent smell, it is one of those plants that’s packed with horseradish benefits, such as an immune booster, aids in weight loss, lowers blood pressure, promotes better digestion and heart health, strengthens the bones, and lowers the chances of neural tube defects a lot of infants are vulnerable from. However, the most notable benefit of horseradish is that it can prevent the formation and development of cancer cells– thanks to its high levels of glucosinolates. Here at Healthlogus, Juana a known expert when it’s about gardening. Here she explained amazing benefits of horseradish thus planting horseradish- important for health and fitness.


That said, allow us to discuss the other horseradish benefits that you can enjoy from horse radish, that might influence you to plant horseradish and be able to enjoy it fresh.


Horseradish benefits: Planting Horseradish Could Be the Cure for Everything

1. Natural Remedy for Stuffy Nose

There’s a reason why your grandma always asks you to munch on a chunk of horseradish every time you complain about clogged sinuses, or whenever you’re suffering from the cold. The effects can be experienced almost instantly, but there’s a slight drawback– your eyes would water while chewing.


2. Natural Treatment for Worms and Parasites

It’s definitely not nice to discover that there are tiny little things creeping and living inside your body– however, there’s always the possibility that you’ll pick up worms or parasites from what you have eaten. The antimicrobial properties of horseradish are a great way to eliminate this.


3. Horseradish benefits to Improve Digestion

Horseradish is also packed with elements that could stimulate one’s appetite. Aside from that, it also triggers the gastrointestinal tract to produce more digestive enzymes, resulting in better digestion.

A word to the wise, though, consume this vegetable in moderation, especially for those who have a sensitive stomach or ulcer, because it can also cause discomfort and irritation.

You can also try gargling a mixture of 3-4 spoons of horseradish and a half glass of water– this is very effective for stomatitis. The phytochemicals present in horseradish stimulates the salivary glands, as well as the gastric and intestinal glands.

Studies show that horseradish benefits to improve appetite, and if in case you’re suffering from indigestion, you should drink horseradish juice in between meals to experience instant relief.


4. It’s Rich in Vitamin C

A hundred grams of horseradish contains around 40% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C to protect your body from illnesses. However, frankly speaking, it’s almost impossible to consume that amount in one sitting. Not only is it difficult to endure the taste, but it can also have a side effect with your intestines.

That said, even though it contains lots of vitamin C, you should still be consuming it in moderation.


5. Horseradish benefits to Detoxify the Liver

Research shows that a gram of horseradish per day could effectively detoxify the carcinogens in the body. Not just that, it can also slow down the growth of tumors. This is because of the glucosinates present in horseradish.


6. It Has Antimicrobial Properties

For centuries, horseradish has been used in ancient medicine as a natural remedy for lung infections and bladder infections. However, before trying this out, it’s always advisable to consult your physician or a qualified herbalist first to have an idea of how much you should consume on a regular basis.

Horseradish benefits


7. Treatment for UTI

Horseradish doesn’t only contain antibiotic properties; it also has diuretic properties for you to enjoy– this stimulated the production of urine.

This wonderful vegetable is packed with chemicals that prevents infection in the bladder area.

Aside from that, it also contains “sinigrin” that has a stimulating effect on blood capillaries– this relieves water retention. With this, you can naturally alleviate the symptoms of UTI, and remove kidney stones at the same time.


8. Natural Pain Reliever

In pain? You’ll be thrilled to know that horseradish benefits to alleviate pain by simply stimulating the blood flow to the surface of the skin, and underneath it. With that, it can resolve the pain brought by swollen joints and muscles as well. You simply have to massage the affected parts of the body and you’ll experience instant relief.


9. Dental Health

Horseradish has intense stimulating effects which you can benefit from if you’re suffering from periodontitis. You simply have to chew of horseradish and it’ll act as a natural medicine that would lessen the pain brought by a toothache and swollen gums.

For horseradishes that are grated, we can’t deny the fact that it can be too spicy to consume. That’s why you can lessen its spiciness by mixing it with grated carrots as these would neutralize the taste.

Overall, horseradish benefits are lot that you can enjoy if you’ll consume the vegetable in moderation. To experience optimum results, always buy fresh, good quality horseradish, and if possible, plant horseradish in your own backyard.


Other Health Benefits of Horseradish and Why Planting horseradish is important

Aside from the Horseradish benefits mentioned above, horseradish can also be used as a natural cure for food poisoning– it has the ability to kill bacteria that can cause harm to the body. Being a “gastric stimulant,” it can also promote better secretion of digestive enzymes, allowing your digestive system to process what you eat more efficiently.


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