Sanskrit name: Ardha Halasana

English name: Half plow pose

Ardha truly implies half and Hala implies furrow. It is a middle of the road stance to perform Halasana henceforth it is named as half plow pose.

How to do Ardha Halasana (अर्ध हलासन)

Ardha halasana

1. Join the two legs and keep your hand with the thighs.

2. Gradually take in and raise the leg opposite to the ground keeping the knee straight.

3. Hold in the inhale and remain in this position as far as might be feasible.

4. Inhale out and bring back your legs.

5. Return to the ordinary position and unwind for some time.

6. Rehash the same for 3 to 5 times.

Health benefits of Ardha Halasana (Half plow pose)

  • Enhances processing and hunger.
  • Enhance blood flow.
  • Reinforces the thigh muscles and lower leg muscles.
  • Accommodating to decrease belly fat and shed pounds.
  • Empowers the stomach organs.

Restorative use of Ardhahalasana


Individuals experiencing any heart issue, back torment, hypertension ought to evade this training.

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