Ardha Kapotasana known as अर्द्ध कपोतासन or the Half Pigeon Pose looks like a pigeon in the last position. In Sanskrit, Ardha implies half, Kapota implies Pigeon and Asana implies a posture. It is a halfway level posture and opens up the hips and crotch muscles.

Ardha Kapotasana is a magnificent posture to convey adaptability to the hips and legs. The individuals who wish to ace Padmasana can hone Ardha Kapotasana to open up the hips and to make the leg muscles adaptable (1).

Ardha Kapotasana ought to be maintained a strategic distance from by those misery from any sort of knee or hip damage.

How to do Ardha Kapotasana (Half Pigeon Pose)

ardha kapotasana

1. Sit on the floor in the bowing position or Vajrasana.

2. Curve forward and put your hands on the floor with palms touching the ground. Give the hands a chance to be put around 2 feet separated or the mid length.

3. From this position, raise yourself up to the cat pose or Marjariasana.

4. Spread out the knees so that there is a mid length hole between the two knees.

5. Present the left foot and twist it sideways towards the right. Place the left foot just before the right knee.

6. Extend the right leg behind and rectify the right knee.

7. Place the hands on the floor alongside the hips.

8. Raise the chest and head. Look straight ahead.

9. Inhale gradually and profoundly and keep up the position for whatever length of time that you are agreeable. In this last position, the specialist resembles the pigeon from the sides.

10. To discharge the position, raise yourself up and slide back the left leg to the cat pose or Marjariasana.

11. Rehash the means with the right leg twist and the left leg extended behind.

12. Once one has aced the above represent, a further stride should be possible by bowing the right leg upwards and holding the toes with the hands from over the head. This is troublesome for novices and will require great adaptability of the whole body.

Benefits of Ardha Kapotasana (अर्द्ध कपोतासन)

  • It extends the legs and the crotch muscles.
  • The hips are opened up and made adaptable.
  • It is useful for the organs of the guts and the conceptive organs.
  • This is an astounding asana for the individuals who need to ace Padmasana. This asana will extricate up the leg muscles and lessen the torment when you sit in Padmasana.
  • It widens the chest and bears and can revise postural deformities.
  • Ardha Kapotasana can assuage bring down back torment and solidness of the back muscles.
  • It reduces sciatica torment.

There are numerous minor varieties of Kapotasana. The Ardha Kapotasana ought to be first aced before taking up the full pigeon posture or Kapotasana.

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