In Sanskrit the Word Bitila signifies “cow” and the importance of Asana is Seat, stance or stance. In the event that you posture Marjariasana in before organize, at that point you effectively play out this. Bitilasana is like the Marjariasana one of the two stages. In Marjariasana you climbed and down your back and tummy. Be that as it may, in Bitilasana you need to just keep down your spine and your head ought to be tad lift up. You can likewise play out the Cow and Cat posture in the meantime.

Bitilasana steps (Cow Pose)


1. In the first place get into the position of Tabletop position.

2. Guarantee that your knees are held directly under your hips.

3. Keep your wrists in a similar line to your shoulders.

4. Keep your head in typical position, looking towards the floor.

5. Take in, and raise your hips up towards the rooftop at the time that you open your chest.

6. Presently let down your stomach towards the ground.

7. Raise your head up and look forward way.

8. Stay in the position for 15 to 20 seconds.

9. From that point onward, breathe out and return get into the beginning position.

(Bitilasana is a blend of two developments. One development is said above and other is countermovement which is as per the following: – Breathe out and down your jaw towards your chest in the time that you curve your back and unwind your bum same as the one stage of Marjariasana).

Play out the development and countermovement (Marjariasana venture) around five to six times previously you go to your underlying position.

Health benefits of Bitilasana (Cow Pose)

  • It extends your chest and neck.
  • It reinforces your lower and upper back.
  • It extends your stomach region.
  • It expands the adaptability of your spine.
  • It tenderly back rubs the inside gut organs.
  • It extends your neck and the front piece of your middle.
  • It is an anxiety mitigating Asana.
  • Expands the blood flow all through your body.
  • It tones and calms the worry from your spine.
  • Best for back torment and sciatica.

Preliminary postures: – Viparita Karani

Follow-up postures: – Cat Pose (Marjariasana)

Tip for Beginner’s

As a student, you need to ensure your neck when you playing out this stance. For this, extend your shoulder bones and draw down them, far from your ears.


In extreme neck torment or wounds maintain a strategic distance from this asana.

Try not to crunch your neck excessively upward way on the off chance that you have touchy neck. For this, simply look straight.

As a matter of first importance warm up your body and after that perform asana.

It would be ideal if you perform asana and pranayama under the supervision of a specialist coach, on the off chance that you have some restorative issue at that point counsel a specialist before playing out any activity.

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