Chakrasana (चक्रासन) or the wheel posture is a retrogressive bowing yoga asana. Chakra in Sanskrit implies Wheel and Asana implies a stance. In Chakrasana, the last position resembles a wheel, consequently the name. Wheel pose gives extraordinary adaptability to the spine.

How to do Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

How to do Chakrasana

1. Rests on your back with hands as an afterthought.

2. Twist your knees and convey your foot sole areas as near the rear end as could be expected under the circumstances. The rear areas ought to be around 1 foot separated.

3. Presently raise your hands and convey it back by the ears. Place the palms on the floor with the fingers pointing towards the shoulders.

4. Lift your body up with the help of the palms and the feet.

5. Turn the head marginally, with the goal that your look is towards the floor.

6. Extend your thighs and shoulders. In the last position, your body resembles a curve, practically like a wheel.

7. Keep up this position, as indicated by your ability.

8. To discharge the position, bring down your body until it touches the ground. Fix your legs. Hands can backpedal to the first position to the sides.

9. It ought to be trailed by forward twisting stances to neutralize the weight made by the back twist.

10. Wheel pose ought to be maintained a strategic distance from by that affliction from cardiovascular sicknesses, hypertension, vertigo and the individuals who have experienced late surgeries.

Health benefits of Chakrasana (Wheel Pose, चक्रासन)

  • It reinforces the back and muscular strength.
  • It conditions the organs in the stomach area including the stomach related, excretory and conceptive organs.
  • It reinforces arms, shoulders, wrists, midriff, and spine.
  • It extends the chest and lungs.
  • It fortifies the thyroid organ.
  • Wheel pose is astounding for that affliction from back agony.
  • It conditions the liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

Ardhachakrasana or Half Wheel Pose

Ardhachakrasana is simpler to perform than the full wheel posture. The individuals who experience the ill effects of back issues should endeavor this first before going ahead to the more troublesome full wheel posture.

Steps to perform Ardhachakrasana (Half Wheel Pose)

1. Stand straight and unite your hands in a fastened position.

2. Raise and pivot your hands over the shoulders.

3. Gradually twist the upper piece of your body alongside the hands, the extent that you can go.

4. Stay in this position for a few moments to a moment, as indicated by your ability.

5. To discharge the stance, convey back gradually to the standing position with hands on your side.

6. There is a variety of Ardha Chakrasana, where the hands are put behind the hips and afterward, the back twisting endeavors.

Advantages of Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose)

  • It reinforces the back and stomach muscles.
  • It conditions the organs in the stomach area including the stomach related, excretory and regenerative organs.
  • Ardhachakrasana gives a decent shape to the body. It is useful for individuals who have back issues and postural imperfections.

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