Pada hastasana is an extending posture. It gives a great deal of extend to your thigh and lower leg muscle. It likewise gives an extend to your lower back. Pada implies foot and hast implies hand, asana intends to be in act where you can stay immovably and easily for more. Henceforth Pada hastasana is where the feet are touched by the hands.

Padahastasana (पादहस्‍तासन) is additionally utilized as a part of the act of Surya namaskara. Suryanamaskara is otherwise called sun salutation. It involves 12 stages. Padahastasana is the second and eleventh step among twelve stages of Surya namaskara.

How to do Pada hastasana (Hand Under Foot Pose, Gorilla pose)

pada hastasana

Procedure of Pada hastasana 1:

1. Stand straight.

2. Keep your entire body in one line.

3. Legs together, hands by the side of your thighs.

4. Chest must be opened.

5. Try not to fix your body.

6. Simply stand firm and straight.

7. Presently gradually breathe in and raise your hand straight upwards finished to your head.

8. Your biceps must touch your ears keeping the elbows straight.

9. Extend your hands upwards however much as could be expected.

10. While extending don’t twist your neck forward.

11. Turn your palms forward.

12. Presently gradually breathe out and begin bowing forward with bring down back.

13. Keep your legs straight, don’t twist your knees.

14. Hold your entire back and delivers one line as your abdominal area makes a point of 90◦ with your legs.

15. Continue bowing forward. To begin with your belly touches your thighs and after that your chest.

16. Presently your hold your rear areas of the feet with individual hands and touch your temple to the knees.

17. Keep your breath out however much as could reasonably be expected or on the off chance that you can likewise begin typical taking in the last position.

18. Stay in this position at any rate for 15-30 second.

19. Presently first lift up your brow and the hands from the foot sole areas.

20. At that point while breathing in gradually begin raising up and stand straight.

21. Keep your hands extended upwards with biceps touching your ears.

22. Gradually begin breathing out and cut back your hands down keeping the palm on your thighs.

23. Separated your legs and unwind yourself.

Procedure of Pada hastasana 2:

1. Rehash the initial 6 stages as clarified previously.

2. Presently breathe in gradually and raise your hands sideways.

3. At the point when the hands reach at the shoulder level turn your palm upwards and begin raising up your hands over your head.

4. Hands must be extended, biceps touching your ears.

5. Presently proceed with the training as clarified before.

6. Subsequent to returning breathe out gradually and cut your hands down sideways.

7. At bear level turn your palms downwards and take your hands back to the side or you thighs.

Padahastasana benefits (पादहस्‍तासन)

  • Pada hastasana is extremely compelling practice to expel midriff fat.
  • It is extremely valuable, padahastasana benefits in stomach related disarranges.
  • Gives a pleasant extend to the thigh muscles.
  • Great practice to expand the stature.
  • Builds the quality of thigh muscles and lower leg muscles.

Contraindications of padahastasana

  • Individuals experiencing back torment ought not rehearse pads hastasana.
  • It ought not be honed if experiencing ulcer.
  • Practice is precluded for the general population experiencing heart issues.
  • The individuals who have hypertension ought not rehearse.
  • Try not to endeavour to put much push to extend. Increment the training steadily.


On the off chance that you have any medical issue and have an uncertainty whether this must be polished or not. Or, on the other hand on the off chance that you need to know whether this training is useful to dispose of your medical issue then conference of a yoga specialist or an instructor is exhorted.

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