Swastikasana is a Sanskrit word and which is made up from blends of Su+Asti+ka, in this ‘Su’ implies great, which means of ‘Asti’ is ‘presence’ and “ka” remains for to make. Swastikasana is a straightforward reflection Pose. Individuals who feel challenges to perform asanas like Siddhasana or Padmasana, Swastikasana is best for them.

In India Swastika is an image of Happiness, good fortunes or Auspiciousness. In this Asana the position of the legs looks like the image of the Swastika, with the goal that’s the reason this Asana is named as Swastikasana or Auspicious stance. The auspicious pose is easy to endeavour and this is one of best asana for reflective movement or for long sitting. This position might be depicted as one that comprehends the solidarity of presence.

How to do Swastikasana (Auspicious Pose)


1. To start with sit easily on the ground or floor and spread out your legs before you.

2. Overlap your left leg; keep the sole of your left leg against the inward thigh of your correct leg.

3. Presently twist your correct leg and keep your correct foot in the space between left thigh and lower leg muscles.

4. Catch your left foot by the toes and attempt to pull it up and put it between the correct calf and thigh.

5. Your knees need to solidly touch the floor.

6. Keep up the posture with the goal that you feel unwind.

7. Your body and trunk should erect.

8. Place your hands on your knees in any mudra.

9. Control on your breath. Breathing gradually and ordinarily.

10. You may likewise concentrate on the tip of your nose or focal point of eye forehead it’s relying upon the sort of contemplation procedure.

11. Before all else attempt to sit for 10 to 15 minutes in this thoughtful posture, step by step increment the season of sitting.

Health benefits of Swastikasana (Auspicious Pose)

  • Swastikasana benefits for those individuals who can’t sit easily or discover troubles in established postures like Padmasana and Siddhasana.
  • Those individuals who are experiencing varicose veins and torment in the leg muscles can play out this asana.
  • Day by day routine with regards to this reflective posture builds the focus level.
  • Offer placidness to the psyche.
  • Reasonable for everyone in any age gathering.

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