Tittibhasana (टिट्टिभासन) is a Sanskrit word and produced using the mix of Tittibha + Asna. In Sanskrit Tittibha implies little bug, fly or Firefly. Firefly Pose gets its name in light of the way that the position that you come into while playing out the position resembles that of a flying firefly. This posture needs nature of the stomach zone and hamstrings that are versatile. Nevertheless, paying little heed to the likelihood that you have not confronted these two, you can even now sharpen this testing position.

Tittibhasana is an arm changing position that joins the legs flexibility with focus quality. Exactly when the lower body is raised from the tangle, the position strengthens the shoulders and wrists encourage. In this current, it’s essential that you remain in lifted position by adjusting your lower body in scattering essentialness and weight back forward comparatively.

This position is one of the positions that ought to be cleaned dependably with a specific end goal to faultless them. Deplorably, the Tittibhasana or Firefly Pose isn’t told every now and again in the day by day yoga classes. Ashtanga yoga is the unique case, where this Asana is a bit of the basic course of action, giving a not too bad opportunity to play out this position in every session.

In any case, if you are set up to rehearse this stance, you should endeavor to hone it reliably to experience the focal points. It is moreover fundamental that you keep up a honest to goodness eating regimen to get the most out of this stance.

Preliminary Poses: Crane posture, Cobbler’s asana, Garudasana, Malasana (Garland Pose).

Follow-Up Poses – Downward facing dog pose, Uttanasana, Upward facing dog.

Level of Asana: – Advanced

How to do Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana, टिट्टिभासन)


1. Begin the Asana with Adho Mukha Svanasana.

2. Presently stroll towards your hands with the true objective that your feet are before your hands. By then, let your hands through your legs, and press them behind the calves, with the true objective that you crawl assist through your legs.

3. After that keep your arms and shoulders as long courses behind your thighs as you can put them. Unfalteringly put your palms behind your feet to such a degree, to the point that your rear areas are held with your thumb and pointer finger (forefinger).

4. Gently contort your knees and squat as you rest the back of your legs as close to your shoulders as you can.

5. Once your fingers and palms are spread, ensure you move your body weight onto them. Lift your feet off the floor. Fix your legs first. At that point, once you balance out, fix your arms. Crush your thighs against the upper arms to acquire stature. By then spread your fingers and palms, guarantee you move your body weight onto them. Raise your feet off the floor. Redress (fix) your legs first. After that press your thighs against the upper arms to gain stature.

6. Stay in the stance around 30 to 60 seconds. In this there is no redundancy, you need to rehash this procedure at that point do it for 2 or 3 times.

Health benefits of Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose)

  • Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose) makes your wrist more grounded alongside enhances the quality of the arms.
  • It fixes and conditions the territory of the paunch.
  • Extends your back middle, inward crotches, and hamstrings.
  • This Yoga posture likewise helps in bringing a general feeling of adjust and enhances center quality.
  • Firefly Pose gives the back middle and internal crotches a decent extend.
  • It is good for your brain.
  • Enhances absorption.


Stay away from this stance if there should be an occurrence of lower back wounds, wrist damage.

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