Urdhva Anjaneyasana goes under the fundamental level of asana and it is performed in standing position. This Yoga posture focuses on your shoulders and the lower back. Here are steps and how to do urdhva anjaneyasana. The word Urdhva Anjaneyasana is taken from the Sanskrit word, in which Urdhva implies – Elevated, up, erects; Anjaneya is the name of Lord Hanuman and Anjana is the mother of Lord Hanuman and the importance of asana is Pose, seat or Posture. Here are steps and how to do urdhva anjaneyasana and benefits.

Master Hanuman is the most effective, most grounded, astute character in the Epic of Ramayana. We can state that this yoga posture is motivated by Hanuman. What’s more, that is the reason this asana named so; this asana is likewise known by the name of Upward Crescent Moon Pose.

Urdhva Anjaneyasana (Upward Crescent Moon Pose) is a very simple and straightforward asana for all age gathering of individuals. Here are steps and how to do urdhva anjaneyasana.

Level of Asana: – Basic

English Name: – Upward Crescent Moon Pose

How to do urdhva anjaneyasana

how to do urdhva anjaneyasana

1. To begin with, come into the position of Tadasana (Mountain Pose), step your left foot around 2 feet back and raise the rear area of your left foot. Right now, your the two feet ought to look ahead.

2. Raise your hands to your chest with palms squeezing together like Anjali Mudra.

3. Presently tenderly grasp your hands up towards the roof and your palms are joining each other (Namaskar or Anjali Mudra) and take full breaths.

4. Now, visualize protracting your spine the upward way alongside tailbone towards the ground.

5. Make a point to hold your shoulders minimal down to make a space between your ears and arms.

6. When you coming to by your fingers, grasp (embrace) your shoulder bones in towards your back to help prevent your shoulders from moving toward the path (towards) of your neck.

7. Continue going ahead to effectively reach up with your arms and by your pinky-sides of your hands.

8. Gradually attempt to curve your back to frame a state of sickle through your abdominal area alongside your left leg.

9. Try not to take this Yoga act like a profound backbend, so remember not to twist excessively, coz this can be harmed you or put the strain on your lower back.

10. From that point forward, tenderly tilt your head back without squeezing your neck and look towards the roof.

11. Stay in this position around 30 to 60 seconds and keep controlled relaxing.

12. For discharging the stance, keep your spine straight and put your hands down to your sides. Rehash similar strides with your other leg.

Health benefits of Urdhva Anjaneyasana Pose

  • Upward Crescent Moon Pose benefits your stance and gainful in back torment.
  • It extends and fortifies your shoulders, bring down back, hamstrings, calves, chest, and lower legs.
  • Urdhva Anjaneyasana benefits your psyche and keeps stretch far from your brain.


In the event that you are experiencing hypertension.

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