Ushtrasana, उष्ट्रासन or Camel Yoga Pose (‘Ushtra’ in sanskrit implies Camel), is one of the retrogressive twisting Yoga asana for fortifying the back and spine.

Ushtrasana steps and benefits (Camel Pose)


1. Stoop down and sit on your foot rear areas. Keep the knees and foot rear areas marginally separated.

2. Presently raise yourself up on the knees.

3. Extend your hands in reverse and gradually twist your head and back with button raised.

4. Proceed with the extend, till your hands can feel the rear areas of your feet. Lay your hands on the foot sole areas.

5. Stay in this position for as much as you are agreeable. You may go from 30 seconds to 3 minutes contingent upon your solace level.

6. To discharge the position, breathe in and return to the stooping position.

Ustrasana benefits (Camel Pose)

  • This asana gives a decent extend to the back, chest, hips, crotches and neck muscles and is useful for back torments, stooping shoulders and furthermore to correct postural deformities of the spine.
  • It conditions the stomach related, excretory and regenerative organs.
  • Ustrasana enhances the adaptability of the spine.
  • It extends the chest and enhances lung limit.

Ustrasana ought to be kept away from by the individuals who experience the ill effects of genuine neck issues. Likewise those agony from vertigo ought to play out this asana with alert, without losing balance.

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